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Also known as: Druid Quest
Reward: 2 Small Emeralds, Book
Location: Isle of the Mists, Near Kazordoon and Venore
Level required: 0
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Fernfang spawns here.
Legend: Some tibian vocations have special places, where only that vocation can enter. Druids are not an exception. If you are a druid, try to find your own place an you will receive your prize.
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The Isle of the Mists is located in the sea, south-east of the Plains of Havoc.

There is a Magic Forcefield in PoH, near the Orcs. You can find the teleport here. Pass through the teleport and you will appear in the isle.

There you wil find a box and a drawer on the ground floor, where you will find the items.

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