Germany Isara
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: July 15, 2003
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

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Isara Facts

  • The name Isara comes from a German river, Isar, located near München.
  • The Demon Legs Quest still existed on the early days of Isara and players managed to complete it. Today, the Demon Legs are owned by Cramloth.
  • Isara was the first world to complete the Annihilator Quest, done by Diego Del'Toro and Lucas Del'Toro both at level 100.
  • Isara is the homeworld of Mediota Del'Toro, the first player to solo the Demon Helmet Quest.
  • Thais is one of the biggest PK cities of Isara, since there are many high level free account players and teams.
  • Carlin is most of the time quiet, but look out for people that make traps. It's a better place for free account low levels after leaving rookgaard than Thais!
  • People use letters in order to show that they have a certain spawn. Don't enter if there is a letter, that makes people angry.
  • Don't kill random people with low health or low level, many players have a high level character!
  • If people says 'Hunted for life' than they really mean it. Sometimes people get rooked if they get hunted and don't pay.
  • Many wars, the most famous guilds are Misdirect, Three Hundred and Teh Hard Way. The most famous disbanned guilds are Kongs (restarted) and Del'Toros.
  • There are many people from other worlds like Shivera and Iridia.
  • Watch your back when hunting, many people like to random attack someone.
  • Don't trust anybody!

Isara Rares

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