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Irmana.gif PNJ Irmana
Ubicación: Southeast of Venore Depot, one level up the -Dress for Success- warehouse, here.
Ocupación: Tailor Assistant
Notas: She is an apprentice of Hugo.

<spoiler>Irmana also 'recycles' used cloth. You can trade:

Artículos comercializados: Vende: Nada. Compra:

Minotaur Leather 80 gp
Green Dragon Leather 100 gp
Lizard Leather 150 gp
Red Dragon Leather 200 gp
Piece of Crocodile Leather 15 gp
Animal Fur/Hair:
Ape Fur 120 gp
Badger Fur 15 gp
Black Wool 300 gp
Bunch of Troll Hair 30 gp
Frost Giant Pelt 160 gp
Lion's Mane 60 gp
Silky Fur 35 gp
Striped Fur 50 gp
Thick Fur 150 gp
Warwolf Fur 30 gp
Werewolf Fur 380 gp
Winter Wolf Fur 20 gp
Wool 15 gp
Blue Piece of Cloth 200 gp
Brown Piece of Cloth 100 gp
Green Piece of Cloth 200 gp
Red Piece of Cloth 300 gp
White Piece of Cloth 100 gp
Yellow Piece of Cloth 150 gp
Geomancer's Robe 80 gp
Necromantic Robe 250 gp
Purple Robe 110 gp
Tattered Piece of Robe 120 gp
Dirty Turban 120 gp
Downy Feather 20 gp
Ghostly Tissue 90 gp
Jewelled Belt 180 gp
Noble Turban 430 gp
Rope Belt 66 gp
Royal Tapestry 1,000 gp
Safety Pin 120 gp
Shaggy Tail 25 gp
Skunk Tail 50 gp
Snake Skin 400 gp
Spool of Yarn 1,000 gp

Velvet Tapestry 800 gp
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