Germany Iridia
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: February 16, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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Nationalitys in Iridia

This server is own most by players from Sweden, Poland or Netherlands. But also from England, Spain, Brazil these are some of the countries, you will find way more and these on the lands of Iridia.


Player killing

With player killing we have some problems. In FACC cities you can meet low level pk, but biggest problem were a pk-team called Bongo. Bongo is a Polish team, killing higher players. They are level 45+ druids and sorcerers, so they can easily kill a high level. The leader of Bongo were Xermvis(now playing on (Tayk Jamiros) since he got deleted) In year 2010 Bongo joined the guild (Exitus Letalis) in the war against (Infinitas)

Power abusing

As any other PVP-World we got same problem with power abusing, but we bravely fighting against them. We got some brave warriors. (Stram), or (Lordnazgul) (last one made an anti-pa thread]). Nowadays the anti-pa is "Darcol" aka Ludvig

Wars For some months the guild (Infinitas) has been Power Abusing the whole world. But finaly some brave warriors and magicans created a guild. Once again a big war has began on the world Iridia. (We Dont Care)is in war against (Infinitas) and their friends who changed from many worlds and created the guild (Gloria).

Leaders for the battle are Old Oxy for We Dont Care. And the leader of Infinitas and Gloria is (Anas The Furious)

Leveling and Spawns

a) Cheating If you are botting in a "famous" place you will most times get killed by noobchars from any of the powerful guilds. Also most players in Infinitas are botting since yesterday (Mars 08 2010) 7 of them got banned for using ilegal software.

b) Spawns Spawns like laguna island and such are usually public. Like in most other worlds on spawns like Tombs or Dragon caves the label system works. But if your not in a powerful guild you can easily get power abused from the spawn by someone else that is in a powerful guild whit their reason of "i need exp more than you because im in a war".

Iridian Community

People which you can ask for help (not free items, protection or something strange, just for help):

-Lordnazgul helping with PA.

-Shay Marifous helping with quests like PoI, Banshee, Inquisition Quest and more (organizing, hosting etc).

-Swiftmage helping people and tells where to hunt for good experience and cash, only for low levels though.

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