The Ice Islands are two sets of islands to the north of the main Tibia continent, in the Nordic Ocean. Because of the islands' low temperature, they are permanently covered with snow and ice.

One set of islands is the Southern Ice Islands, which are very small and accessible to players with free accounts. The Northern Ice Islands (or just Ice Islands) were added in the Summer 2007 update and include many larger islands and the city of Svargrond.

Southern Ice Islands

Archivo:Southern Ice Islands Map.png

A Map of the Southern Ice Islands

Archivo:Southern Ice Islands.jpg

Another Map of the Southern Ice Islands

The Southern Ice Islands consist of Folda, Senja, and Vega, along with two unnamed islands. Folda has a large dungeon with Frost Trolls, Rotworms, Minotaurs and if you go deep enough, Slimes, Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Mages, minor Orcs and Water Elementals. There are even Bonelords, Scorpions, Snakes and all kinds of minotaurs in the hidden cave. Some people say that a Yeti inhabits Folda, but few people have seen it.

You can go to any of the three main islands taking the Nordic Ferry located at the northwest of Carlin. The price is 20 gp from the Continent to any island, 10 gp, island-to-island and the passage back to the Continent is free.

Locations of Senja, Folda and Vega.

Northern Ice Islands

These were added for premium players in the Summer Update 2007 and consist of Grimlund, with the Chakoya settlement of Inukaya, Helheim, Hrodmir, with the city of Svargrond, Krimhorn, Nibelor, Okolnir and Tyrsung. Many new creatures and quests can be found in these areas.

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