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Also known as: Winged Tiara Addon Quest (female), Hooded Cloak Addon Quest (male), Sniper Gloves Quest
Reward: Addons for the Hunter Outfits Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3.gif
Location: Elane (Thais)
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Lizards, Dragon Lords, all types of Voodoo Cults, Tarantulas, Witches, Bonelords, Elder Bonelords, Dark Monks and Hunters .
Legend: A light and comfortable ranger outfit which every paladin simply loves to wear. If you are looking to earn addons for this outfit, a good place to start would be the Thais paladin guild.
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  • The Hunter Outfits are available to all players. Only the addons are included in this quest.

Hooded Cloak/Winged Tiara

Archivo:Outfit Hunter Male Addon 1.gif Archivo:Outfit Hunter Female Addon 2.gif

Required Equipment


The other cult members can be found on the island of Goroma and Formorgar Mines.

Obtaining Elane's Crossbow

First you must talk to Elane and accept the task to obtain the items and the crossbow so you'll be able to open the sealed door. You must have learned all the four verses of the hymn from Music Sheets.

(Consider on all images, the flag icon is where you start and the star icon is where you must go)

Archivo:Elane Crossbow Way1.GIF
First you must go to the hidden cult cave, north from Liberty Bay.

Archivo:Elane Crossbow Way2.GIF
After you enter, follow the path as it's shown on the mini map. Be prepared to face some Tarantulas, several Novice of the Cult and Witches.

Archivo:Elane Crossbow Way3.GIF
Continue through following the map and you'll face more cults, Bonelords and witches. At the end of the room you'll find a piano. If you have learned all the verses of the hymn, you can use the piano to teleport to the other side of the room.

Archivo:Elane Crossbow Way4.GIF
In this room you will have to face Novice of the Cult, Acolyte of the Cult, and Dark Monks. GFBs and HMMs are recommended here. Follow the path to get to the chest. Note that you must pass by a sealed door, and if you didn't receive the task from Elane you won't be able to open it.

  • After you have given Elane all of the items she asked for, she will give you the hooded cloak/winged tiara addon.

(Hooded Cloak/Winged Tiara) Transcripts

player: Hi
Elane: Hi, <name>! What can I do for you?
player: Outfit
Elane: Oh, my winged tiara? Those are traditionally awarded after having completed a difficult task for our guild, only to female aspirants though. Male warriors will receive a hooded cloak.
player: Task
Elane: So you are saying that you would like to prove that you deserve to wear such a hooded cloak?
player: Yes
Elane: Alright, I will give you a chance. Pay close attention to what I'm going to tell you now. ...
Elane: Recently, one of our members moved to Liberty Bay out of nowhere, talking about some strange cult. That is not the problem, but he took my favourite crossbow with him. ...
Elane: Please find my crossbow. It has my name engraved on it and is very special to me. ...
Elane: Secondly, we need a lot of leather for new quivers. 100 pieces of lizard leather and 100 pieces of red dragon leather should suffice. ...
Elane: Third, since we are giving out tiaras, we are always in need of enchanted chicken wings. Please bring me 5, that would help us tremendously. ...
Elane: Lastly, for our arrow heads we need a lot of steel. Best would be one piece of royal steel, one piece of draconian steel and one piece of hell steel. ...
Elane: Did you understand everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
player: Yes

player: crossbow
Elane: I'm so excited! Have you really found my crossbow?
player: yes
Elane: Yeah! I could kiss you right here and there! Besides, you're a handsome one. <giggles> Please bring me 100 pieces of lizard leather and 100 pieces of red dragon leather now!
player: leathers
Elane: Did you bring me 100 pieces of lizard leather and 100 pieces of red dragon leather?
player: yes
Elane: Good work, <player>! That is enough leather for a lot of sturdy quivers. Now, please bring me 5 enchanted chicken wings.
player: 5 enchanted chicken wings
Elane: Were you able to get hold of 5 enchanted chicken wings?
player: yes
Elane: Great! Now we can create a few more Tiaras. If only they weren't that expensive... Well anyway, please obtain one piece of royal steel, draconian steel and hell steel each.
player: steel
Elane: Ah, have you brought one piece of royal steel, draconian steel and hell steel each?
player: yes
Elane: Wow, I'm impressed, <player>. Your really are a valuable member of our paladin guild. I shall grant you your reward now. Wear it proudly!

Sniper Gloves

Archivo:Outfit Hunter Male Addon 2.gif Archivo:Outfit Hunter Female Addon 1.gif

Required Equipment


NOTE: Any vocation can get this addon.


player: Sniper Gloves
Elane: You found sniper gloves?! Incredible! Listen, if you give them to me, I will grant you the right to wear the sniper gloves accessory. How about it?
player: Yes
Elane: Great! I hereby grant you the right to wear the sniper gloves as accessory. Congratulations!

Transcripts for Free Account

Player: Sniper Gloves
Elane: You found sniper gloves?! Incredible! I would love to grant you the sniper gloves accessory, but I can only do that for premium warriors. However, I would pay you 2000 gold pieces for them. How about it?
Elane: Congratulations.