Germany Hiberna
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: December 19, 2003
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishingAchievements

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Additional Info

  • The world Hiberna comes from a latin word that means "Winter".
  • The Hibernan community is currently growing because of the Transfer system. Some have also left the server like Seromontis.
  • Due it's surge of new players Hiberna is a peaceful place to play. There are many neutral guilds and the Game-Chat is one of the best for an Open-PVP server.
  • Ferumbras has been killed twice.
  • Orshabaal has been killed a few times.
  • Hiberna's community and generosity has made this world peaceful for low and high level characters.
  • Hiberna has a few traditions, such as Secret Santa held by Knight Meo and Hapex and Sendos famous Annual Lottery.
  • Hiberna has many players from different nations and welcomes all with open arms.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach level 100 was Articorz.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach level 200 was Seromontis.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach level 300 was Seromontis.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach skills 100 was Ertyros.
  • The first and only player on tibia to reach level 200 without dying a single time was Vigge Krigzor.
  • The highest level Character in Hiberna's history is Seromontis with level 347.
  • The highest Paladin on Hiberna is Vercul.
  • The highest Knight on Hiberna is Sir Unow
  • The highest Sorcerer on Hiberna is Voronix
  • The lowest level Knight to reach magic level 9 was Veltis at level 126.
  • The lowest level Mage to reach Magic level 80 was Gullbringa at level 184.
  • The character with the Highest Amount of Posts is Lord Buff-man.
  • The highest level player to be killed in Player Combat was Seromontis at level 347. This was done by the Legend Inguk.
  • There are 2 Ferumbras Hats obtained on Hiberna, both owned by Don'Tribioni.

Historical Info

  • The first person online was Roguer. (Deleted due to retirement.)
  • The first Druid on Mainland was Sesoni. (Deleted due to retirement.)
  • The first Sorcerer on Mainland was Habbas. (Deleted for massive player killing.)
  • The first guild formed was Order of the Cross by the Cross Family.
  • The second guild formed was The Escadrone of Death by Roen Wolf. (Deleted due to retirement.)
  • The first big war between: Arch Angels and Skydivers. (Leader: Kavos Skydiver, deleted for massive player killing.)
  • Crni Vitez had one of the unique Teddy Bears, before this item was added as loot from monsters and obtained as gift from Christmas presents. (Crni Vitez was deleted due to inactivity.)
  • Don'tribioni was the first player to have a full Mage Outfit on Tibia.
  • Zueniaks and Hurricane are currently in war.
  • One of Ferumbras' Hats obtained on the server was sold to Aaron Soulbringer who has now been deleted, along with the hat.
  • Balderkent one of the few that has never left a war. Been fighting in hiberna for 6 years.

Players with the highest level

Golden Goblet\Vercul Level 314, RP
Silver GobletZukijon Level 301, RP
Bronze GobletPonys Level 301, RP

Players with the best skills

Solar AxeAxeElite-Mistrz 108
The StomperClubErtyros 110
The DevileyeDistanceZukijon 117
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistBap bap-junior 68
Emerald SwordSwordLuhizi 102
Rainbow ShieldShieldingErtyros 108
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicVoronix 89
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingLast Remaining Light 81

Rare Items

  • Copper Key 3803 - Kazordoon Fortress Gate. owned by Roguer. Deleted along with the character.

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