Golden Helmet

Helmets are the second important item in Equipment. They provide less defence than Armors, but helmets are cheaper and more common than Legs with the same armor value.

Most low-level Players use Soldier Helmet, middle-levels Warrior Helmet or Crown Helmet (especially mages because of it's low weight) and high-levels use Royal Helmet or Demon Helmet which is part of Rare Set.

The strongest helmet is the Golden Helmet, also known as the Helmet of The Stars (HOTS).

The strongest helmet in Rookgaard, the newbie island, is the Legion Helmet.


Name Arm Weight Attributes Resist Required Level Required Vocation Dropped By
Amazon Helmet Amazon Helmet 7 29.50 Orc Warlord during a raid on Thais and Femor Hills.
Ancient Tiara Ancient Tiara 0 8.20 Vashresamun.
Batwing Hat Batwing Hat 3 6.00 magic level +1 50 sorcerers and druids Mutated Bat.
Bonelord Helmet Bonelord Helmet 7 46.00 Braindeath, Elder Bonelord, The Evil Eye.
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet 3 27.00 Barbarian Skullhunter, Zombie, Hunter, Minotaur, Quara Constrictor Scout.
Ceremonial Mask Archivo:.gif -1
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet 2 42.00 Bandit, Barbarian Bloodwalker, Gladiator, Orc Berserker, Orc Shaman, Sibang, Wild Warrior.
Charmer's Tiara Charmer's Tiara 2 22.00 Lizard Snakecharmer, Serpent Spawn.
Cobra Crown Cobra Crown 3 8.50 magic level +2 earth +5%, fire -5% sorcerers and druids Draken Elite.
Crown Helmet Crown Helmet 7 29.50 Hero, Nightmare Scion.
Crusader Helmet Crusader Helmet 8 52.00 Orc Warlord, Undead Gladiator
Damaged Helmet Damaged Helmet 5 18.00 Dipthrah.
Dark Helmet Dark Helmet 6 46.00 Black Knight, Cyclops, Cyclops Smith, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Orc Warlord, Undead Gladiator
Demon Helmet Demon Helmet 10 29.50 Madareth, Minishabaal.
Devil Helmet Devil Helmet 7 50.00 OZ 0 demon
Dragon Scale Helmet Archivo:.gif
Dwarven Helmet Dwarven Helmet 6 42.00 physical +2% General Murius, The Horned Fox.
Elite Draken Helmet Elite Draken Helmet 9 43.00 distance fighting +1 death +3% 100 paladins None.
Feather Headdress Feather Headdress 2 21.00 Terror Bird.
Ferumbras' Hat Ferumbras' Hat 1 8.50 Ferumbras.
Flower Wreath Flower Wreath 0 5.00 Dryad.
Full Helmet of the Ancients Full Helmet of the Ancients 11 27.60 None.
Fur Cap Fur Cap 3 18.00 Man in the Cave.
Glacier Mask Glacier Mask 5 10.00 ice +4%, energy -5% sorcerers and druids Crystal Spider, Ice Golem.
Hat of the Mad Hat of the Mad 3 7.00 magic level +1 sorcerers and druids None.
Helmet of Nature Helmet of Nature 3 11.00 Dirtbeard.
Helmet of Ultimate Terror Helmet of Ultimate Terror 3 12.50 Monstor.
Helmet of the Ancients Helmet of the Ancients 8 27.60 None.
Helmet of the Deep Helmet of the Deep 2 210.00 drowning +100%, speed +300 (6 hours, only when you eat Coconut Shrimp Bake) None
Horned Helmet Horned Helmet 11 51.00 none
Horseman Helmet Horseman Helmet 6 42.00 Assassin.
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 5 30.00 Bandit, Crypt Shambler, Demon Skeleton, Gladiator, Nomad, Wild Warrior.
Jade Hat Jade Hat 4 9.00 magic level +1 60 sorcerers and druids Ghastly Dragon, Battlemaster Zunzu.
Jester Hat Jester Hat 1 10.00 None.
Krimhorn Helmet Krimhorn Helmet 6 51.00 Barbarian Headsplitter.
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet 1 22.00 Apprentice Sheng, Goblin, Island Troll, Minotaur Mage, Smuggler, Troll.
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet 4 31.00 Lost Soul, Rottie the Rotworm.
Lightning Headband Lightning Headband 5 10.00 energy +4%, earth -5% sorcerers and druids Giant Spider.
Loot/Goroma Archivo:.gif
Loot/Pits of Inferno Archivo:.gif
Mage Hat Mage Hat 3 9.00 sorcerers and druids None.
Magician Hat Magician Hat 1 7.50 Rahemos.
Magma Monocle Magma Monocle 5 10.00 fire +4%, ice -5% 0 sorcerers and druids Diabolic Imp, Efreet, Marid, Merikh the Slaughterer, Fahim The Wise.
Mighty Helm of Green Sparks Mighty Helm of Green Sparks 6 46.00 Doctor Perhaps.
Mining Helmet Mining Helmet 1 7.00 None.
Mystic Turban Mystic Turban 1 8.50 Blue Djinn, Efreet, Green Djinn, Ice Witch, Marid, Necromancer, Necropharus.
Odd Hat Odd Hat 5 7.00 Provides a medium ammount of red light. Dirtbeard.
Pair of Earmuffs Pair of Earmuffs 0 5.00 ice +2% Ice Witch, Yakchal.
Party Hat Party Hat 1 7.50 None.
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat 3 12.50 Pirate Corsair.
Post Officer's Hat Post Officer's Hat 1 7.00 None.
Ragnir Helmet Ragnir Helmet 6 31.00 Barbarian Skullhunter.
Royal Helmet Royal Helmet 9 48.00 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Hydra, Serpent Spawn, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel, The Noxious Spawn, The Many
Santa Hat Santa Hat 1 7.50 None
Sedge Hat Sedge Hat 2 18.00
Skull Helmet Archivo:.gif
Soldier Helmet Soldier Helmet 5 32.00 Dwarf Soldier.
Strange Helmet Strange Helmet 6 46.00 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Ice Golem, Lich, Quara Mantassin, Serpent Spawn, Vampire.
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet 2 24.50 Elf, Orc, Orc Rider, Orc Spearman, Primitive.
Terra Hood Terra Hood 5 10.00 earth +4%, fire -5% sorcerers and druids Ancient Scarab, Hide, Draken Abomination
TibiaWiki:Playground/Items2 Archivo:.gif
Tribal Mask Tribal Mask 2 25.00 Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster.
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet 4 39.00 Barbarian Headsplitter, Ghoul, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Skeleton, Sea Serpent.
Warrior Helmet Warrior Helmet 8 68.00 Black Knight, Hellspawn, Hydra, Quara Pincher, Orc Leader, Serpent Spawn, The Noxious Spawn, The Many
Winged Helmet Winged Helmet 10 12.00 None
Witch Hat Witch Hat 3 7.80 mana drain +5% sorcerers and druids Witch.
Yalahari Mask Yalahari Mask 5 35.00 magic level +2 80 sorcerers and druids None.
Zaoan Helmet Zaoan Helmet 9 66.00 physical +5% knights and paladins Ghastly Dragon, Lizard Chosen, Lizard Gate Guardian, Draken Abomination, Draken Elite.

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