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Hardek.gif PNJ Hardek
Ubicación: Moving around south-west of Thais (here), north of the entrance to Fibula. Sometimes it may be hard to find him; he can be on the east or west side of the river.
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Will buy some items for a good price.
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Artículos comercializados: Vende: None. Compra:

Coat 1 gp
Jacket 1 gp
Brass Armor 112 gp
Knight Armor 875 gp
Golden Armor 1,500 gp

Brass Helmet 30 gp
Viking Helmet 66 gp
Iron Helmet 145 gp
Devil Helmet 450 gp
Warrior Helmet 696 gp

Leather Legs 1 gp
Chain Legs 20 gp
Brass Legs 49 gp
Plate Legs 115 gp
Knight Legs 375 gp

Brass Shield 16 gp
Plate Shield 31 gp
Battle Shield 95 gp
Guardian Shield 180 gp
Dragon Shield 360 gp

Dagger 1 gp
Mace 23 gp
Longsword 51 gp
Spike Sword 225 gp

Fire Sword 1,000 gp
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Player: hi
Hardek: Hello Player! Do you need my services?
Player: job or forestaller
Hardek: I am buying some weapons and armors.
Player: name
Hardek: I am Hardek, the forestaller.
Player: time
Hardek: It is 2:38 am.
Player: bye
Hardek: Good bye. Visit me whenever you want to sell something.