On a Hardcore PvP world, characters will not receive skull marks anymore. Under certain circumstances, characters used to gain part of the experience points which their killed combatant has lost. The spell "Cancel Invisibility" will destroy applied stealth rings with a probability of 20%. Blessings and amulets of loss are available on Hardcore PvP game worlds since Update 8.53. And unlike in Open PvP worlds, it's not possible to fight back someone and enter a protection zone.

Hardcore PvP Game Worlds

Name Trans.gif Location Server Save TypeOnline since
Dolera USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Hardcore PvP June 29, 2004

{{Infobox_World/List | name =Inferna | type =Hardcore PvP | online =June 29, 2004 | location =Germany | serversave =9:00 CET }}

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