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Grizzly Adams.gif PNJ Grizzly Adams
Ubicación: Port Hope, below river, just east of town.
Ocupación: Leader of the Paw and Fur society
Notas: You can join the paw and fur society.

His location is here:
Archivo:Grizzly Adams Location.png

<spoiler> Part of Killing in the Name of... Quest. </spoiler>

Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Trophy Hunter rank:

Demon Backpack 1,99900 gp

Huntsman rank:

Creature Products:
Antlers 50 gp
Bloody Pincers 100 gp
Colourful Feather 110 gp
Crab Pincers 35 gp
Cyclops Toe 55 gp
Frosty Ear of a Troll 30 gp
Goblin Ear 20 gp
Hydra Head 600 gp
Lancer Beetle Shell 80 gp
Mantassin Tail 280 gp
Mutated Bat Ear 420 gp
Quara Bone 500 gp
Quara Eye 350 gp
Quara Pincers 410 gp
Quara Tentacle 140 gp
Sabretooth 400 gp
Sandcrawler Shell 20 gp
Scarab Pincers 280 gp
Terramite Legs 60 gp
Terramite Shell 170 gp
Terrorbird Beak 95 gp

Cyclops Trophy 500 gp
Minotaur Trophy 500 gp

Big Game Hunter rank:
Deer Trophy 3,000 gp
Lion Trophy 3,000 gp
Wolf Trophy 3,000 gp

Trophy Hunter rank:
Behemoth Trophy 20,000 gp
Demon Trophy 40,000 gp

Dragon Lord Trophy 10,000 gp
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