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Grey Small Book

Notes About Gharonk Language

Location: Desert Dungeon
Short Description: Last day of the first week in Gharonk city
Author: Unknown
Notes: None.
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... It's now my last day of the first week here. From day to day, I am able to talk more and better with the people living here. I like it, the people are nice, I get food and drink. The king, or I'd better say their leader, showed me his "throne". It's more like a place on the floor, where he sits when talking to his people. He pointed with his finger at this place, saying: "Nag mogurz, nag mogurz". I guess, it means something like "my place, my place". I found out many other words, I wrote them all down in a table. Maybe I'll teach this language one day to someone, who is interested in....

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