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Blue Book

Notes About Gharonk Language

Location: Desert Dungeon
Short Description: Day 5 in the Gharonk city.
Author: Unknown
Notes: None.
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... Five days in this city and under these people, and I'm still not able to communicate with them.
But I do not resign - on the contrary, I get more and more interested in the language. I found out some more words, for example how they count: "umog" seems to be "one", and for each number more, they just put a "tu-" in front of "umog". Thus, five would be called "tutututumog". It doesn't seem to me as if they would have highly developed mathematics, but the way to count seems sufficient for them. I wonder, how they were able to build this town...?
Maybe an answer is, that they do not speak about numbers, but have short signs for writing them down.
It was surprising for me to find out they have a word for "zero", namely "mog". I hope to find out more in the next days.
Strangely, they use words for numbers in each context they use numbers. So, "umog" stands for one, but also for "once", "one time", "first", ...

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