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This Object is in the Doors class.
Gate of Expertise
Only the worthy may pass.
Object Class: Doors
Attributes: Use it to go through it.
Walking Time: Cross.jpg
Location: Certain quest areas or hunting areas.
Notes: Can only be opened if you meet the required level. The level required for passing gates of expertise in Tibia differ from level 20 to 999.
See also: Objects.

A Gate of Expertise is a special door, where you need to meet certain requirements to go through. Most Gates of Expertise require that you are of no less than a certain experience level to pass through. Some require you to be of a certain vocation.

Only one person may pass through a Gate of Expertise at a time. The door will close after each character passes through, so there is no way to bring members of your party through the gate if they do not meet the requirements.

Some doors are parts of quests and can only be opened after talking to certain NPCs, regardless of your level or vocation. These are not strictly considered Gates of Expertise but function in a similar manner.

If you do not meet the requirements to pass through the Gates of Expertise, you will see the green message "Only the worthy may pass". If you look at the door, it will tell you what the requirements are.

The Banuta Gate of Expertise for level 999 was tested during the 2009 Summer Test Server, and Mastro Daro, the player who walked in to the teleport proved that the teleport is only a sprite, nothing happens if you walk into it.

Generally, the more difficult the area or valuable the treasures behind the Gate of Expertise are the higher the level that is required.

You can stop within a Gate of Expertise and fight any monster that is behind it. It is impossible to lure or push a creature through a Gate of Expertise. This makes them useful for escaping creatures you cannot defeat. You may still inflict and recieve damage through the gate, so it's not recommended to go afk at for example the entrance to the Water Elemental Cave since you may get killed.

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