Germany Galana
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: September 16, 2004
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishingAchievements

List of Game Worlds.

About this World

  • The world is currently in peace.
  • The world is ruled by the guild Rasz Dem.
  • The world is mostly populated by Polish, and a minority of Brazilians, and Swedish.
  • The oldest guild is Sweet Nothings.

Additional Info

  • First level 100 Atnaz (hacked and deleted)
  • First level 150 Jejihev (hacked and deleted)
  • First level 200 Zimpixa Second (Deleted)
  • First Annihilator Quest team was Atnaz, Icarus Blakkheim, Boltan and Boltina (some of them were hacked and deleted)
  • The most impressive community act Galana came up with, was when a respected guild called "Forsaken Angels", worked together to farm demonic essences to complete the dreamers challenge quest in full. They did so, and the essences went towards the lowest level Lord Protector ever, Lord Xon, a level 55 Elite Knight.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Server is currently in peace
  • Low prices of items
  • Active Forums and Community.


  • Server is Constantly at war
  • A lot of hacking
  • A lot pking

Highest Leveled Players

Golden GobletYouenlevel 294,EK
Silver GobletSakunarlevel 278,RP
Bronze GobletTrifalilevel 273,RP

Highest Skilled Players

Solar AxeAxe Youen101
The StomperClub Clarence Arne Riise102
The DevileyeDistance Xivanez111
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'Fist Ni Ni80
Emerald SwordSword Gladianos108
Rainbow ShieldShielding Nomad Barbarzynca104
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagic Assasinq86
Mechanical Fishing RodFishing Dara Dramon99



Ghazbaran - Ghazbaran appeared in Galana the 21st of November 2008. He was killed.



- Morgaroth appeared in Galana the 19th of September 2010. He was killed.

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