Germany Furora
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: July 06, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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Additional Info

  • Server has been embattled in wars for over a year now and has since developed many team changes from the original war of Duskiness vs Vision including team changes involving Inshon and also We rule again. After few months of peace Xespoz found a new guild Death Rose and the new war began.
  • There is currently a small war between Pauer Rendzers versus Duskiness , Vision and allies which started August 2nd 2010. Reason for this war is because Azor Danor said he hated the PA in Furora and I quote 'We want kill some botters from this server and have fun'. Which actually is strange because it is believed by many that he used unofficial software himself.

First Level 400 on Furora was Spaaw

Taifun Devilry could've been the first level 300 in Tibia, but due to the first war in Furora, the character stayed at around 275, and he got passed by in level by alot of people.

He also got a namelock when he reached level 280, when he had played for 18 months already. Taifun didn't logged in the game and posted on the forum 'If you do not want to lose another devoted tutor, make hurry' at which customer support withdrew the namelock. Back in the old days, Taifun Devilry was a feared sorcerer. He used to hit alot with SD's and could easily kill level 100+ people with a ue combo.

Taifun Devilry has moved to Pandoria

The axe named Impaler was first looted on Furora.

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