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The word Full Set does usually mean the rarest equip sets, Demon Set, Golden Set and Dragon Scale Set. These are the sets that most Tibians aspire to get, however because of the rarity of most of the items, several things from a combination of three are used in their places. The combined set is also known as Rare Set. Nobody has a Full Dragon Scale Set, however after the 8.2 update it was possible to obtain demon legs, thus completing the Full Demon Set. Gryphie(Deleted) from Megiddo (aka. Grypph)(Deleted) is the only player who owns a full Golden Set on Antica (weapon: Magic Sword) and a full Demon Set on Celesta (weapon: Demonbone) after completing the Demon Oak Quest.

Demonbone Amulet.gif
Ring of Healing.gif
Demon Helmet.gif
Demon Armor.gif
Demon Legs.gif
Firewalker Boots.gif
Demon Backpack.gif
Nightmare Shield.gif
Thunder Hammer.gif
Golden Amulet.gif
Magic Sword.gif
Gold Ring.gif
Golden Helmet.gif
Golden Armor.gif
Golden Legs.gif
Golden Boots.gif
Golden Backpack.gif
Blessed Shield.gif
Magic Longsword.gif
Dragon Necklace.gif
Stonecutter Axe.gif
Life Ring.gif
Dragon Scale Helmet.gif
Dragon Scale Mail.gif
Dragon Scale Legs.gif
Dragon Scale Boots.gif
Camouflage Backpack.gif
Great Shield.gif
Demonwing Axe.gif