Fist Fighting is the skill of fighting without any weapons.

The Tibian with the highest fist skill is Fendin with 100.


juikjFist Fighting is not widely used. Since there are no weapons that utilize this skill, it will always have a weaker attack than any other skill of the same level.

Knights use fist fighting more than any other vocation, since it advances much quicker for them (similar to the other Melee skills).

Paladins use fist fighting as a back-up skill in case they run out of or to save on Bolts or Arrows.

Druids and Sorcerers don't often use fist fighting since it advances quite slowly for them, and they have much stronger alternatives, however it does advance slightly quicker than their weapon skills. One case where fist fighting would benefit these vocations, is if they ran out of Runes and Mana. In this case, they would still be able to defend themselves. Though Druids may benefit more from fist fighting as some weak creatures are immune to a few of their rods.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The primary benefit of fist fighting is that you do not need a weapon to hunt. This not only gives you more capacity, but it also allows you to save money from purchasing weapons.

The primary drawback of fist fighting is that it will always have a lower attack than any other melee skill that uses a weapon. You can benefit from the attack and defense values that weapons have.


Fist fighting can be used on almost any creature, but it is best when used against creatures that do not have a melee attack, or have a very weak melee attack. This way, you can approach them quickly and attack them. Many creatures without melee attacks will not use their distance attacks if you are right next to them, they will be too busy trying to run away from you.

Fist fighting is less effective against creatures that have strong defense or shielding, and strong melee attacks.

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