Fire Sphere
Fire Overlord
Near City: Edron
Vocation(s): Sorcerer
Level & Skills' Requirements
Mages: 80 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly



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See also: Hunting Places.

At entrance of that area, there is a teleporter, you will spawn on surface and there might be 1 Blazing Fire Elemental next to you already because he spawns close to it.
The Fire Overlord can be spawned in the North part of the sphere.

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The Fire Sphere is the Sorcerer's part of The Elemental Spheres Quest, to get access to it you'll need to use 20 Small Enchanted Ruby on the Mysterious Machine located in one of the Ivory Towers.
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Fire Sphere, surface

NameTrans Exp HP sum/conLoot
Blazing Fire Elemental Blazing Fire Elemental 450 650 --/-- 0-40 gp, 0-4 Flaming Arrow, Glimmering Soil (semi-rare), Fiery Heart (semi-rare?).
Blistering Fire Elemental Blistering Fire Elemental 1300 1500~ --/-- 0-170 Gp, 0-3 Small Rubies, Fiery Heart, Glimmering Soil (semi-rare), Wand of Draconia (rare)
Fire Overlord Fire Overlord 2800 4000 --/-- 0-125? gp, 0-3? Platinum Coins, Lavos Armor (rare), Magma Coat (rare), Eternal Flames(always since summer update 2009), Fiery Heart (always).

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