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Fiona.gif PNJ Fiona
Ubicación: Noodles Academy of Modern Magic on Edron, in the south east tower, one floor up, here.
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Fiona buys magical ingredients for the Edron academy.
Artículos comercializados: Vende: Nothing Compra:

Bat Wing 50 gp
Behemoth Claw 2,000 gp
Beholder Eye 80 gp
Berserk Potion 500 gp
Bony Tail 210 gp
Brimstone Shell 210 gp
Brimstone Fangs 380 gp
Carrion Worm Fang 35 gp
Chicken Feather 30 gp
Demon Dust 300 gp
Demon Horn 1,000 gp
Demonic Skeletal Hand 80 gp
Dragon Claw 8,000 gp
Dragon Priest's Wandtip 175 gp
Dragon's Tail 100 gp
Draken Sulphur 550 gp
Elder Beholder Tentacle 150 gp
Elven Scouting Glass 50 gp
Elven Astral Observer 90 gp
Enchanted Chicken Wing 20,000 gp
Fiery Heart 375 gp
Fish Fin 150 gp
Flask of Warrior's Sweat 10,000 gp
Frosty Heart 280 gp
Gauze Bandage 90 gp
Geomancer's Staff 120 gp
Giant Eye 380 gp
Glob of Acid Slime 25 gp
Glob of Mercury 20 gp
Glob of Tar 30 gp
Green Dragon Scale 100 gp
Hardened Bone 70 gp
Heaven Blossom 50 gp
Hellspawn Tail 475 gp
Holy Orchid 90 gp
Honeycomb 40 gp
Lizard Scale 120 gp
Luminous Orb 1,000 gp
Magic Sulphur 8,000 gp
Miraculum 60 gp
Morgaroth's Heart 15,000 gp
Mystical Hourglass 700 gp
Nose Ring 2,000 gp
Orshabaal's Brain 12,000 gp
Perfect Behemoth Fang 250 gp
Red Dragon Scale 200 gp
Scythe Leg 450 gp
Sea Serpent Scale 520 gp
Small Flask of Eyedrops 95 gp
Spider Silk 100 gp
Spirit Container (Fighting Spirit) 40,000 gp
Spooky Blue Eye 95 gp
Stone Wing 120 gp
Turtle Shell 90 gp
Vampire Dust 100 gp
Weaver's Wandtip 250 gp
Wyrm Scale 400 gp

Wyvern Talisman 265 gp
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