Fields of Glory
Near City: Carlin
Location: North of Carlin, here.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Knights: 15 Attk: 45 40 :Shield
Paladins: 15 Dist: 45 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 15 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly



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The area north of Carlin. Once opon a time there was a major battle here between humans and orcs, the humans prevailed. Carlin was saved and the orcs retreated back to Ulderek's Rock.

Below Fields of Glory is a labyrinth of tunnels and passages home to many creatures, which makes this area good for low levels to hunt... if one can find the entrances. The second floor of the caves is home to the trolls that built the fearsome Maze of Lost Souls. The entrance to this nightmarish maze is hidden, but it is said that those that found the way have left instructions for other brave or foolhardy adventurers.

A tower to the south is a common place for pkers on non-pvp worlds, this is due to the witch that spawns there.

Fields of Glory NPCs (4 NPCs)

Name Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Aneus Aneus.gif Storyteller no North East of Carlin, not far from the north graveyard (here).
Bron Bron.gif Barbarian no Fields of Glory, here.
Gelagos Gelagos.gif Unknown Occupation no Fields of Glory (here)
Humphrey Humphrey.gif Blesser yes Fields of Glory, north of Carlin, slightly east of the blue circle.

Fields of Glory

NameTrans.gif Exp HP sum/conLoot
Rabbit Rabbit.gif 0 15 220/220 Bonelord Shield, 0-2 Meat, Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday).
Deer Deer.gif 0 25 260/260 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Antlers (rare).
Rat Rat.gif 5 20 200/200 0-4 gp, Cheese.
Bat Bat.gif 10 30 250/250 Bat Wing (rare).
Snake Snake.gif 10 15 205/205 Nothing.
Spider Spider.gif 12 20 210/210 0-5 gp, Spider Fangs (rare).
Bug Bug.gif 18 29 250/250 0-6 gp, 0-3 Cherries (semi-rare).
Wolf Wolf.gif 18 25 255/255 0-2 Meat, Worm, Wolf Paw (rare).
Poison Spider Poison Spider.gif 22 26 270/270 0-4 gp, Poison Spider Shell (rare).
Bear Bear.gif 23 80 300/300 0-3 Ham, 0-4 Meat, 0-3 Worms (semi-rare), Bear Paw (rare), Honeycomb (rare).
Wasp Wasp.gif 24 35 280/280 Honeycomb (Semi-rare).
Goblin Goblin.gif 25 50 290/290 0-9 gp, Fish, Short Sword, Small Axe, Small Stone, Bone Club (semi-rare), Leather Armor (semi-rare), Bone (rare), Dagger (rare), Goblin Ear (rare), Leather Helmet(rare), Mouldy Cheese (rare).
Rotworm Rotworm.gif 40 65 --/305 0-17 gp, Ham, Meat, Lump of Dirt, Mace (semi-rare), Sword (semi-rare), 0-3 Worms (semi-rare).
Poacher Poacher.gif 70 90 --/530 0-2 Roll, 0-18 Arrows, 0-3 Poison Arrows, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Torch, Bow, Closed Trap (rare).
Amazon Amazon.gif 60 110 390/390 0-20 gp, Brown Bread, Dagger, Girlish Hair Decoration, Sabre, 0-2 Skull, Protective Charm (semi-rare), Torch (rare), Crystal Necklace (very rare), Small Ruby (very rare).
Valkyrie Valkyrie.gif 85 190 450/450 0-12 gp, Chain Armor, 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Spears, 0-2 Apples (semi-rare), Girlish Hair Decoration (semi-rare), Hunting Spear (semi-rare), Protective Charm (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Health Potion (rare), Plate Armor (rare), Protection Amulet (rare), Skull (rare), Small Diamond (very rare).
Witch Witch.gif 120 300 --/-- 0-33 gp, 0-8 Cookies, Wolf Tooth Chain, Witch Broom, Star Herb, Cape (semi-rare), Garlic Necklace (semi-rare), Leather Boots (semi-rare), Sickle (semi-rare), Coat (rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Silver Dagger (very-rare), Fern (very rare), Witch Hat (very rare), Stuffed Toad (very rare).

Fields of Glory Quests

Name Level Prem Location Reward
Griffin Shield Quest 30 no Gates of Demona, deep inside the Maze of Lost Souls, Near Carlin and Ab'Dendriel Griffin Shield, Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance
Crystal Wand Quest 60 no Demona Warlock area. Sudden Death Rune with 6 charges and a Crystal Wand.


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