A dwarfish expedition far away from Kazordoon, using the new Steamship technology, has cartographed the underwater rivers and while searching for new mines, one of the survey ships had discovered a seemingly untouched cave system with rare ores. They established a first base there, called "Farmine" but the times are rough and resources scarce so they are struggling for support to hold and expand the base. Only a few skilled dwarfs are working day and night to foster the expansion of the base, with little to eat and little to drink, little of everything. The dwarfs had already built an elevator towards the surface but found themselves right in the middle of mountains. Ongulf, their leader, needs help to find a way out of the mountains.

Once you have completed the The New Frontier Quest, Farmine becomes a city with a depot, shops, etc.

Farmine NPCs (10 NPCs)

Name Trans Job Buy/Sell Location
Cael Cael Sage yes Farmine.
Esrik Esrik Smith yes Farmine
Melian Melian Magic Carpet Manager no Farmine.
Murim Murim Banker, Postman yes Farmine, a little south of depot.
Ongulf Ongulf Dwarf Expedition Leader no Farmine, here
Pompan Pompan Equipment Shopkeeper yes Farmine.

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Rabaz Rabaz Magic Shopkeeper yes Farmine
Swolt Swolt Food Shopkeeper yes Farmine.
Thorgrin Thorgrin Ship Captain no Farmine.

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