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Also known as: Carlin Troll Quest
Reward: Fanfare
Location: Carlin Graveyard
Level required: 0
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Trolls
Legend: Some Trolls stole a fanfare.
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  • Go inside the building just northwest of the boat, and get Key 3520 from the box here.

It may not be necessary to get the key, since the crypt is a high-traffic area close to town, so the door is probably unlocked already.

  • Enter the Carlin cemetery just east of town (here) and go down into the Crypt at the south end of the cemetary.
  • Open the door to the west and look for a hole.
  • Go down the hole and follow this path to the north:

Archivo:Fanfare Quest Map.jpg

  • "Use" the chest to receive the Fanfare.
Archivo:Fanfare Quest Box.jpg
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