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This spell is in the Attack Spells class
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Eternal Winter

Spell Class: Instant Attack Spells
Spell Words: exevo gran mas frigo
Exp Level: 60+
Premium: yes
Used by: Druids
(requires 1200 mana)
Spell cost: 8000 gp.
Buy spell from: Zoltan (Edron)
Effect: Freezing Icon.gif Causes ice damage to enemies around the caster.

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Notes: New spell in the Winter Update 2007.
You can only have one of the two Ultimate spells of your vocation at a time. To change between them, go to Edron and ask Zoltan. He will charge you 500 gold for it. Probably the best Ultimate Spell out of the possible four (2 from Sorcerers, 2 from Druids). It is strong against commonly hunted Creatures such as Dragons and Wyrms, and can give you a leg up in the Arena when going up against The Obliverator.

See: Complete list of spells.
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