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Equipment Shopkeeper NPCs buy and sell equipment, paper products, tools, and more.

See also, Shopkeeper NPCs.

Equipment Shopkeeper NPCs

Name Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Ahmet Ahmet.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up one level, here.
Al Dee Al Dee.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard, here.
Bashira Bashira.gif Shopkeeper yes Ab'Dendriel, one level down north of the depot
Beatrice Beatrice.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes East side of Edron castle, second floor, here.
Bezil Bezil.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Shops Street in Kazordoon beneath the Depot, here
Chephan Chephan.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Western most shop in Venore, here.
Dixi Dixi.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard, (here)
Gorn Gorn.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Temple Street in north Thais, north east of depot, here.
Halif Halif.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Darashia marketplace, here.
Lee'Delle Lee'Delle.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard (here)
Lubo Lubo.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Northeast of Thais in his shop building (here).
Nelliem Nelliem.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Western most shop in Venore, here.
Nezil Nezil.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Shops Street in Kazordoon, beneath the Depot, here
Obi Obi.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard (here)
Perod Perod.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes North Port Hope, here, two floors above depot.
Raffael Raffael.gif Equipment Shopkeeper, Banker yes Island of Destiny

Red Lilly Red Lilly.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes In Liberty Bay, the shop west of Cedrik's.
Sandra Sandra.gif Shopkeeper yes Noodles Academy of Modern Magic on Edron, in the first tower, one floor down, here.
Gree Dee Gree Dee.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of the depot, 2nd floor, here
Shiantis Shiantis.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Western most shop in Venore, here.
Thomas Thomas.gif Shopkeeper yes Edron, Ivory Towers (three floors up here)