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Enchanting is the action of bestowing a weapon with elemental forces through magic. You can enchant a weapon with fire, energy, earth or ice. To enchant a weapon you need a weapon that's enchantable, for example a Spike Sword, and an enchanted gem. These gems can be made in Holy Shrines. Druids (Premium Accounts and with level 30+) can make enchanted small sapphires (ice) and enchanted small emeralds (earth). Sorcerers (Premium Accounts and with level 30+) can make enchanted small rubies (fire) and enchanted small amethysts (energy). This will always cost 300 mana and 2 soul points. Mana used for enchanting a gem counts towards the Magic Level, just like casting a spell.

To enchant a weapon you have to use the enchanted gem on the weapon. The enchanted weapon has a number of charges. Note that only one type of magic can be active on a weapon at time. The weapon will now do reduced hit damage plus the elemental damage. For example a Spike Sword has 24 attack, when enchanted the attack is reduced to 20 attack, and 4 elemental damage.

Enchantable Weapons

Name Lvl Atk Def Def. mod Hands Weight Enchantable Dropped By
Knight Axe Knight Axe.gif 25 33 21 +1 One 59.00 yes Black Knight, Undead Gladiator, Hellhound, Morguthis, Fluffy.
War Hammer War Hammer.gif 50 45 10 Two 85.00 yes Bandit, Furious Troll, Hero, Nomad, Plaguesmith, The Count, Thornback Tortoise, Toad, Wild Warrior, Worker Golem.
Clerical Mace Clerical Mace.gif 20 28 15 +1 One 58.00 yes Adept of the Cult, Braindeath, Dwarf Geomancer, Gozzler, Ice Witch, Necromancer, Priestess.
Orcish Maul Orcish Maul.gif 35 42 18 Two 54.00 yes None.
War Axe War Axe.gif 65 48 10 Two 61.50 yes Behemoth, Stonecracker, Undead Dragon, Nightmare.
Barbarian Axe Barbarian Axe.gif 20 28 18 +1 One 51.00 yes None.
Spike Sword Spike Sword.gif 0 24 21 +2 One 50.00 yes Betrayed Wraith, Fluffy, Hellhound, Ice Golem, Pirate Ghost, Vampire.
Relic Sword Relic Sword.gif 50 42 24 +1 One 48.00 yes Madareth, Quara Predator, Spectre, Thul, Werewolf.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer.gif 45 44 28 Two 82.00 yes Frost Dragon, Dragon Lord, Ushuriel.
Mystic Blade Mystic Blade.gif 60 44 25 +2 One 35.00 yes None.
Blacksteel Sword Blacksteel Sword.gif 35 42 22 Two 59.00 yes None.
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace.gif 35 38 16 +1 One 80.00 yes Vashresamun, Yakchal.
Cranial Basher Cranial Basher.gif 60 44 20 -2 One 78.00 yes None.
Headchopper Headchopper.gif 35 42 20 Two 45.00 yes None.
Heroic Axe Heroic Axe.gif 60 44 24 +1 One 61.00 yes None.

Other Enchantable Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Worn Firewalker Boots Worn Firewalker Boots.gif
8.00 None.
Rainbow Shield Rainbow Shield.gif
Def: 30, enchantable
69.00 None.