Germany Elysia
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: June 29, 2004
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

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Additional Info

  • The server is located in Germany.
  • It is likely it was named after "Elysium", the "Elysian Fields".
  • Elysia was the second server to kill the Orshabaal, the blocker, Elahrion Avessar (deleted), was the first person to loot a Thunder Hammer. Elysia also killed Ghazbaran in record time, with great team work and good blocking by Dagooto Eye.
  • The highest level player on Elysia is Arioc Scalp. As for Rookgaard, the highest level player is Darth Saldria.
  • Elysia consists of mostly Swedish and Polish players. There are also small English, Brazilian and Dutch communities.
  • Elysia was the third server to kill Devovorga, the 2 guilds Cruoris and Regulators which were in war at the time, combined power to kill Devovorga.

General Info

  • Elysia is a great server for new players to start. There are a number of very helpful players and tutors found in Game-Chat and the Help Channel.
  • The guild Cruoris is the strongest guild on Elysia. They provide a number of services to the community. They make sure players are not power abusing, player killing without reason, they provide quest help. Cruoris didn't try to force their own price list.
  • Cruoris reserved themself all power and supervision over the server, creating a rule forbidding power abuse out of spawns.
  • The legendary player Satire (retired) ruled the town of Thais for many years and was beloved by all.  He commonly helped lower level players get a start on their new server, and taught them to team up against higher level players.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Due to the small number of people, you are more likely to hunt in privacy.
  • Power Abusing is minimal compared to other servers, like Aurea.
  • Cruoris, ruling guild of Elysia is maintaining order and peace on the server, ensuring player safety.


  • You may experience lag if you don't live in Europe.
  • The server population is quite small, usually averaging around 300 players online, so spawns are slower than some other servers.
  • Alot of people play on Elysia with the sole purpose of Player Killing, this happens mostly in free account areas so caution is advised, especially if you do not have a premium account.

Don't go close to someone's lootbag. This can be recognized as stealing, and you can be killed for this. Also, don't kill red or white skulled players if you don't have solid reasons. White skull of someone is not strong enough reason to kill him, while he insult you or attack. Be careful when you enter spawn where someone exp. Be aware of killing a low player white skull. Most of them have got a main high levelled character or people that could hunt to kill you.

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