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Elathriel.gif PNJ Elathriel
Ubicación: Ab'Dendriel prison, 3 floors below ground.
Ocupación: Caste Leader
Notas: Elathriel Shadowslayer is responsible for prisoners, and keeping guard over Hellgate. Member of Kuridai caste. Sells some spells to Druids, some of which are available to Sorcerers but not via this NPC.
See also: Elathriel/Transcripts.
Artículos comercializados: Vende: Copper Key 3012 (5,000 gp).
(Opens the door to Hellgate.)


Light Magic Missile: (Druids of level 15).
Heavy Magic Missile: (Druids of level 25).
Explosion: (Druids of level 31).
Avalanche: (Druids of level 30).

Stalagmite: (Druids of level 24).
Compra: Nothing.
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