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{{Infobox NPC|List = 1
|GetValue = GetValue
|name = Eclesius
|location = South of [[Thais]], in his house.
|job = Sorcerer
|notes = Eclesius is rather scatterbrained and paranoid, resulting in a loss of memory from time to time.<br/>
{{JSpoiler|He is the main [[NPC]] in [[The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest]]. }}
|buysell = no
|posx = 126.35
|posy = 126.36
|posz = 7
|gender = Male
|race = Human
|city = Thais
|sounds = {{Sound List|I'm looking for a new assistant!|Err, what was it again that I wanted...?|Do come in! Mind the step of the magical door, though.|I'm so sorry... I promise it won't happen again. Problem is, I can't remember where I made the error...|Actually, I STILL prefer inexperienced assistants. They're easier to keep an eye on and don't tend to backstab you.|So much to do, so much to do... uh... where should I start?}}
|implemented = 8.5

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