This is a Premium account Quest
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Also known as: Bear Paws addon quest on Rook
Reward: Paws Addon for the Druid Outfits Outfit Druid Male Addon 1 Outfit Druid Female Addon 1
Location: Tom
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Wolves and Bears.
Legend: The same addon earned from Ustan in Mainland.
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The Druid Outfits are available to all Premium Account players, only the addons are included in this quest.


Outfit Druid Male Addon 1 Outfit Druid Female Addon 1

Required Equipment


  • All of the items above can be collected before you begin the quest. To save time, you are advised to collect the items before you talk to the NPC.
  • Go to Tom's shop (here) and ask him about his "addon".
  • He will tell you to bring him 50 Bear Paws and 50 Wolf Paws and he will fit them on you.
  • Give him the items, and he will give you the paws addon.


Player: hi
Tom: I'm Tom the Tanner. How can I help you Player?
Player: addon
Tom: Would you like to wear bear paws like I do? No problem, just bring me 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws and I'll fit them on.
Player: paws
Tom: Have you brought 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws?
Player: yes
Tom: Excellent! Like promised, here are your bear paws.
Player: bye
Tom: Good hunting, son.

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