Status Conditions
Archivo:Burning Icon.gifBurningHarmful
Cursed IconCursedHarmful
Dazzled IconDazzledHarmful
Drowning IconDrowningHarmful
Electrified IconElectrifiedHarmful
Freezing IconFreezingHarmful
Haste IconHastedPositive
Logout Block IconLogout BlockNeutral
Magic Shield IconMagic ShieldNeutral
Poisoned IconPoisonedHarmful
Protection Zone Block IconProtection Zone BlockNegative
Slowed IconSlowedNegative
Strengthened IconStrengthenedPositive
Within Protection Zone IconWithin Protection ZonePositive
Drowning Icon This is a Special Condition where your character loses hit points over time, as long as they are drowning. This condition is indicated by the drowning icon on your character's status bar.

Drowning can be stopped by wearing a Helmet of the Deep. If you are not under water, then the drowning condition will wear out eventually on its own.

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