In Tibia, you die when your HP runs out. Not everything is lost though. The Gods will grant you another chance for a small sacrifice and you can be revived in your hometown's temple.

See also: Death Damage and Death List

Consequences of Death

Skill and Experience Loss

  • From Level 1-24 a player will lose 10% of his experience points, skill tries and spent mana.
  • From Level 25 and above a player will lose experience points.

The above formula can be used for % of total exp, skill tries, and mana spent lost upon death before applying modifiers such as a promotion or blessings.

x = player level
for results to be 100% accurate, use decimal points in your level (ex. x=126.45 if a character is level 126 with 55% to go to level 127).

Skill and experience loss can be lowered by buying promotion and blessings. A promotion reduces your experience loss by 30% and for each blessing, it will reduce the experience loss by a further 8%.

Number of Blessings Non-Promoted Player Promoted Player
0 Bless % %
1 Bless % %
2 Bless % %
3 Bless % %
4 Bless % %
5 Bless % %

Where npenalty: for players with level 25 and above, and for players with level lower or equal to 24

Item Loss

Number of Blessings Container Losing Chance Equipment Losing Chance
0 Bless 100% 10%
1 Bless 70% 7%
2 Bless 45% 4.5%
3 Bless 25% 2.5%
4 Bless 10% 1%
5 Bless 0% 0%
Bless protection
  • Twist Of Fate: This blessing save your 5 blessings if you die for another player, but not for monsters (only this bless lose, but if you die for a monster, you lose incluiding the  bless protection and the five blessings).

Amulet of Loss

You can still use an Amulet of Loss to avoid dropping Equipment, if you wear an AoL when you have blessings you will lose both the AoL and the blessings.

Red Skull

If you have a Red Skull, everything you wear will be lost upon a death - even if you have an Aol and/or all Blessings.

Black Skull

If you have a Black Skull, everything you wear will be lost upon a death, including AoL and all blessings. In addition, when you respawn in the temple you will only have 40 HP and no mana.

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