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Dario.gif PNJ Dario
Ubicación: Ankrahmun Arena (here), upstairs
Ocupación: Fletcher, Paladin Guild Leader
Notas: He is from Ab'dendriel and sometimes misses his brethren and sisters. He is the master archer of the arena and trains distance fighters and sells them equipments and spells.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Distance Weapons:
Bow 400 gp
Crossbow 500 gp
Royal Spear 15 gp
Spear 10 gp
Throwing Star 42 gp

Arrow 3 gp
Bolt 4 gp
Earth Arrow 5 gp
Flaming Arrow 5 gp
Flash Arrow 5 gp
Onyx Arrow 7 gp
Piercing Bolt 5 gp
Power Bolt 7 gp
Shiver Arrow 5 gp
Sniper Arrow 5 gp

Paladin Spells
Compra: Distance Weapons:

Bow 100 gp

Crossbow 120 gp
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