This building is a part of the Darashia Guildhalls
Darashia, Western Guildhall
Building Type: Guildhall
City: Darashia
Location: Southern Darashia, south-east of depot, here.
Size: 203 sqm
Number of Beds: 14
Monthly Rent: 10,435 gp per month
Number of windows: 19
Number of Accessible Floors: 2
Number of Rooms: 13
Amenities: Red Carpet, 2 blackboards, 2 dustbins, 1 fountain and a counter.
Notes: There is also a courtyard and two hallways. On the ground floor there is a room with 3 beds and on the first floor one room with 4. There is a total of 16 doors.
See also: other Buildings.

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