Germany Danubia
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: April 17, 2003
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

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Additional Info

  • Danubia's name was probably origined by the river that runs nearby Regensburg, the Danube river.
  • The server is currently not at war. The core members of both guilds, Nazgul and Bad Boys, had been constantly at war for couple of years. Aside from constant flaming on the forums and occasional incidents with second chars, this war did not really affect the rest of the Danubian community.
  • In April 2009, war broke out between the guilds Sacred Band, led by Darego and Cursed Band led by Qubat. Although the war only lasted for under two months, it was seen by most as one of the biggest wars since the Mythos and Bad Boys wars of old.
  • Danubia was the first world to kill Countess Sorrow.
  • Povi owned the old demon legs, which were lost in a hack, which resulted in Gladiahtor (also founder of the guild Nazgul) mysteriously obtaining them. The legs were later sold to Bragon Ball, rumor has it that the legs were sold for in excess of 10 million. The same pair were later bought by Lord Vikin Gold with Ehrot help.
  • Kholdhart was the first druid on main, also the first druid to make the Paralyze rune.

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