Los premios de concurso son articulos (items) raros a menudo premios de concursos que hacen algunos fansites de tibia algunos son:

Contests Prizes are awarded by Promoted and Supported Fansites as well as CipSoft GmbH to contests winners or to players with outstanding work helping the Tibian community. The NPC Cillia owns a museum where all of these items can be viewed in Thais every sunday for a fee of 50 gp. You can find this in the games room.
In addition to the items listed below, other items used as contests prizes are Baby Seal Dolls, Bast Skirts, Bronze Necklaces, Demonic Essences, Frozen Starlights, Goblets, Golden Figurines, Infernal Bolts, Jewel Cases, Panda Teddies, Rune Emblems, Skill Potions, Stuffed Dragons, Stuffed Toads, Teddy Bears, Tomes, Wolf Whistles, Yellow Roses, boss items that are needed for addons and some amulets and rings.

Contest Prizes

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Abacus Abacus
Writable (appears when looked).
12.00 None.
Bag of Oriental Spices Bag of Oriental Spices
15.08 None.
Bronze Cup of Honour Bronze Cup of Honour
Writable (appears when looked).
16.00 None.
Bronze Trophy of Excellence Bronze Trophy of Excellence
Writable (appears when looked).
13.00 None.
Bronze Warrior Trophy Bronze Warrior Trophy
Writable (appears when looked).
? None.
CM Token CM Token
Writable (appears when looked), can be hung on walls.
10.00 None.
Champion's Cup Champion's Cup
Writable (appears when looked).
18.00 None.
Dragon Goblet Dragon Goblet
18.00 None.
Draken Doll Archivo:Draken Doll.gif
Reacts when used.
15.00 None.
Epaminondas Doll Epaminondas Doll
Reacts when used.
7.77 None.
Ferumbras Doll Ferumbras Doll
17.00 None.
Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet
Reacts when used.
5.20 None.
Frozen Heart Frozen Heart
20.00 None.
Golden Fafnar Trophy Golden Fafnar Trophy
9.00 None.
Golden Falcon Golden Falcon
20.00 None.
Golden Newspaper Golden Newspaper
Reacts when used.
24.00 None.
Golden Trophy of Excellence Golden Trophy of Excellence
Writable (appears when looked).
13.00 None.
Golden Warrior Trophy Golden Warrior Trophy
Writable (appears when looked).
19.00 None.
Hand Puppets Hand Puppets
Reacts when used
0.05 None.
Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book
Writable (appears when looked).
78.00 None.
Key of Numerous Locks Key of Numerous Locks
Writable (appears when looked).
1.50 None.
Lucky Clover Amulet Lucky Clover Amulet
It glows green.
1.50 None.
Medal of Honour Medal of Honour
Writable (appears when looked).
10.00 None.
Nightmare Doll Nightmare Doll
18.00 None.
Norseman Doll Norseman Doll
Reacts when used.
10.00 None.
Orc's Jaw Shredder Orc's Jaw Shredder
Reacts when used.
25.00 None.
Phoenix Statue Phoenix Statue
Gives off a small red glow
20.00 None.
Pigeon Trophy Pigeon Trophy
Can be hung on walls, writable once (appears when looked), white glow.
4.00 None.
Silver Cup of Honour Silver Cup of Honour
Writable (appears when looked).
16.00 None.
Silver Fafnar Trophy Silver Fafnar Trophy
9.00 None.
Silver Trophy of Excellence Silver Trophy of Excellence
Writable (appears when looked).
13.00 None.
Silver Warrior Trophy Silver Warrior Trophy
Writable (appears when looked).
18.50 None.
Statue of Devovorga Statue of Devovorga
18.00 None.
The Famous Golden Bug The Famous Golden Bug
Writable (appears when looked).
12.50 None.
The Mexcalibur The Mexcalibur
Writable (appears when looked).
12.00 None.
TibiaHispano Emblem TibiaHispano Emblem
Writable (appears when looked).
5.00 None.
Tibiacity Encyclopedia Tibiacity Encyclopedia
Reacts when used.
13.37 None.
Tibiora's Box Tibiora's Box
Reacts when used.
42.00 None.

Vease tambien

Dolls and Bears

Amulets and Necklaces

Model Ship
Objetos en Tibia

Body Equipment
Golden Helmet
Golden Armor
Armaduras Escudos
Blessed Shield
Golden Legs
Pantalones Libros de Hechizos
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Golden Boots
Solar Axe
Hachas Armas de Distancia
Royal Crossbow
Dark Trinity Mace
Mazos Espadas
Magic Longsword
Wand of Voodoo
Wands Rods
Underworld Rod
Infernal Bolt
Municiones Wands Viejas
Wooden Wand
Herramientas y otros accesorios
Amulet of Loss
Amuletos y Collares Anillos
Death Ring
Golden Key
Llaves Luces
Skull Candle
Obsidian Knife
Objetos para Casas
The Witches' Grimoire
Libros Contenedores
Backpack of Holding
Champion's Cup
Premios de Concursos Decoración
Bat Decoration
Golden Newspaper
Documentos y Papeles Muñecos y Osos
Panda Teddy
Red Cushioned Chair
Muebles Herramientas de Cocina
Rolling Pin
Instrumentos Musicales Trofeos
Demon Trophy
Plantas, Productos de Criaturas, Comida y Líquidos
Morgaroth's Heart
Productos de Criaturas Comida
Dragon Ham
Ultimate Health Potion
Líquidos Plantas y Hierbas
Otros Objetos
Ferumbras' Hat
Ropa Accesorios Objetos Encantados
Enchanted Chicken Wing
Objetos de Juegos Objetos Mágicos
Demonic Essence
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron
Metales Objetos de Fiesta
Party Hat
Burning Heart
Objetos de Quest Basura
Broken Flask
Ultimate Healing Rune
Runas Objetos Valiosos
Holy Scarab
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