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A combo in Tibia is generally speaking, an Alpha Strike in traditional military and gaming terms. Each participant fires his or her best attack at a predesignated target, causing considerable damage within a period of less than a single combat round. A well-timed combo can completely eliminate the target's ability to heal on PvP worlds, or take down a dangerous boss or monster before any serious harm is caused.


The combo in Tibia found its origins on Antica, when player killers would use illegal macros to execute combos on unsuspecting targets. In subsequent years, legendary Last Action Hero commanders (primarily Warrax) would shout to their teammates and command them all to fire on a common target during their first conflict with the Alliance. The combo would be executed as soon as the team saw the command appear on the screen, and would result in varied success rates due to the different connection speeds and geographical locations of the players.

It went through a considerable transformation when the Dark Side in 2003-2004 began executing combos when a command would leave the screen, as opposed to when it appeared. This dramatically improved the timing of most combos, and led to a dramatic shift in the Dark Side/Alliance war. The "darkness" command become something of a legend in Tibia lore shortly following the conclusion of that war.

Modern-era Combo

The combo of the modern era almost uniformly involved co-ordination with a voice-chat software, such as Ventrilo or Teamspeak. This allows for not only accurate timing, but privacy for the commanders as well.

Combos are the centerpiece of all modern wars. Battles are typical won by those who can execute combos most rapidly and efficiently, and can align themselves to perform combos more advantageously.

Stacking and Combos

The popularity of the combo has recently given rise to a stricter enforcement of game rules regarding stacking. Stacking is the act of placing many characters on a single square, using ramps, stairs, ladders, holes or even doors if none of the afforementioned are available. It is considered a game weakness and is punishable with a banishment.

Stacking allows for a greater-than-average strength combo to be performed, which is a primary concern for both designers and gamemasters alike. It often provides an unfair advantage to even the most unskilled of teams, and is rampantly abused on all of Tibia's PvP and PvP-E worlds