The Chase Opponent button is located to the right of the Tibia client. It is a small grey image of a man in a running motion and, when clicked on, it turns green. Once you have clicked on this icon, your avatar (character) will follow the creature until it is dead, or until it manages to lose you. This is useful for monsters that run away, especially Deer and Rabbits.

For knights, it can be useful for taking on tougher creatures, especially if lag or obstacles are a factor. Examples include:

  • Dangerous monsters surrounded by minor challenges: You may use it to zip throught a pack of summoned or lured minor monsters, reaching your main target faster.
  • Running monsters: Some monsters run away when at red hp, and following them using the arrow keys can be annoying (Note: When using arrow keys to follow you don't attack at every possible interval like you do with follow). Use this button to avoid problems such as walking over damaging fields while chasing an opponent, and to avoid hitting obstacles that may slow you down.
  • Distance fighter: Some monsters (and players) keep a distance from you while fighting, so they can attack you with a lesser risk of getting quickly damaged. Use the chase button to reach your target faster and avoid unnecessary damage.

Note: If you have auto-chase enabled, and when you have the chase opponent feature on, if you move using the arrow keys and stop using the arrow keys, you will resume chasing your opponent.

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