Chantalle.gif PNJ Chantalle
Ubicación: Liberty Bay, north-east of depot, here
Ocupación: Jewelry Shopkeeper
Notas: She is a trader and sell gems, jewellery and goblets. She thinks that Liberty Bay is a horrible little town, everything and everyone that is native smells like fish. As far as she understand, sugar is quite important. She thinks that sorcerers are horrible people.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Black Pearl 560 gp
White Pearl 320 gp
Small Amethyst 400 gp
Small Diamond 600 gp
Small Emerald 500 gp
Small Ruby 500 gp
Small Sapphire 500 gp
Golden Amulet 6,600 gp
Ruby Necklace 3,560 gp
Wedding Ring 990 gp
Bronze Goblet 2,000 gp
Golden Goblet 5,000 gp

Silver Goblet 3,000 gp
Gold Ingot 5,000 gp.

Black Pearl 280 gp
Giant Green Pearl 3,000 gp
Giant Brown Pearl 3,000 gp
White Pearl 160 gp
Small Amethyst 200 gp
Small Diamond 300 gp
Small Emerald 250 gp
Small Ruby 250 gp
Small Sapphire 250 gp
Small Topaz 200 gp

Wedding Ring 100 gp
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