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Cedrik.gif PNJ Cedrik
Ubicación: In Liberty Bay, North of Tavern, West of Temple.
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: He is a lover of rum. He also finds Isolde pretty and polite. He thinks down of several other cities and their inhabitants. Cedrik believes Quara will be the doom of Liberty Bay by Tibians being unsure of their numbers they might make an assault on the town all at once to wipe Liberty Bay from the map.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Axe Weapons:
Axe 20 gp
Hand Axe 8 gp

Club Weapons:
Battle Hammer 350 gp
Mace 90 gp

Sword Weapons:
Dagger 5 gp
Rapier 15 gp
Sabre 35 gp
Sword 85 gp

Distance Weapons:
Bow 400 gp
Crossbow 500 gp
Royal Spear 15 gp
Spear 10 gp
Throwing Knife 25 gp
Throwing Star 42 gp

Arrow 3 gp
Bolt 4 gp
Earth Arrow 5 gp
Flaming Arrow 5 gp
Flash Arrow 5 gp
Onyx Arrow 7 gp
Piercing Bolt 5 gp
Power Bolt 7 gp
Shiver Arrow 5 gp
Sniper Arrow 5 gp

Chain Helmet 52 gp
Leather Helmet 12 gp

Brass Armor 450 gp
Chain Armor 200 gp
Leather Armor 35 gp

Chain Legs 80 gp

Steel Shield 240 gp

Wooden Shield 15 gp

Axe Weapons:
Axe 7 gp
Battle Axe 80 gp
Halberd 400 gp
Hand Axe 4 gp

Club Weapons:
Battle Hammer 120 gp
Mace 30 gp
Morning Star 90 gp

Sword Weapons:
Dagger 2 gp
Rapier 5 gp
Sabre 12 gp
Short Sword 10 gp
Sword 25 gp
Two Handed Sword 450 gp

Distance Weapons:
Bow 100 gp
Crossbow 120 gp
Spear 3 gp

Chain Helmet 17 gp
Leather Helmet 4 gp
Steel Helmet 190 gp

Brass Armor 150 gp
Chain Armor 70 gp
Leather Armor 12 gp
Plate Armor 400 gp
Magic Plate Armor 1600 gp

Chain Legs 25 gp

Battle Shield 95 gp
Steel Shield 80 gp

Wooden Shield 5 gp
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