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Ruled by: Queen Eloise
Population: 36
Organizations: Carlin's Girls Brigade
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Local Hunting Places Local Quests
  • [[|Demon Hell]]
  • [[|Minotaur Camp]]
  • Amazon Tower
  • [[|Ancient Ruins Tomb]]
  • [[|Ancient Temple]]
  • [[|Ankrahmun Library Tomb]]
  • Carlin Graveyard
  • [[|Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|Dwarf Mines]]
  • [[|Dwacatra]]
  • [[|Edron Bog Raider Cave]]
  • [[|Edron Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|Edron Goblin Cave]]
  • [[|Edron Rotworm Cave]]
  • [[|Edron Troll Cave]]
  • [[|Edron Wyvern Hill]]
  • [[|Fibula Dungeon]]
  • Fields of Glory
  • [[|Goroma/Dragon Lairs]]
  • [[|Hero Cave]]
  • [[|Jakundaf Desert]]
  • [[|Magician Tower]]
  • [[|Medusa Cave]]
  • [[|Mintwallin]]
  • [[|Mount Sternum]]
  • [[|Mount Sternum/Dragon Cave]]
  • [[|Mountain Tomb]]
  • [[|Oasis Tomb]]
  • [[|Orc Peninsula]]
  • [[|Outlaw Camp]]
  • [[|Peninsula Tomb]]
  • [[|Plague Spike]]
  • [[|Plains of Havoc]]
  • [[|Plains of Havoc/Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|Shadow Tomb]]
  • [[|Stone Tomb]]
  • [[|Tarpit Tomb]]
  • [[|Temple of Equilibrium]]
  • [[|The Witches' Cliff]]
  • [[|Tiquanda]]
  • [[|Tiquanda/Dwarf Cave]]
  • [[|Hydra Hill]]
  • [[|Magician Quarter]]
  • [[|White Flower Temple]]
  • [[|Tiquanda/Trapwood]]
  • Folda
  • [[|Mount Sternum/Undead Cave]]
  • Maze of Lost Souls
  • [[|Formorgar Glacier]]
  • [[|Demon Forge]]
  • Ghostlands
  • [[|Vengoth/Castle]]
  • [[|Helheim]]
  • [[|Sea Serpent Area]]
  • Isle of the Kings
  • [[|Hellgate]]
  • [[|Edron Orc Cave]]
  • [[|Energy Elemental Lair]]
  • [[|Drefia]]
  • [[|Nibelor]]
  • [[|Port Hope Swamp Trolls]]
  • [[|Factory Quarter]]
  • [[|Tiquanda/Reptile and Crustacean Caves]]
  • [[|Foreigner Quarter]]
  • [[|Formorgar Mines]]
  • [[|Inukaya]]
  • [[|Earth Sphere]]
  • [[|Ramoa]]
  • [[|Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave]]
  • [[|Mal'ouquah]]
  • [[|Nomad Cave]]
  • [[|Cemetery Quarter]]
  • [[|Muggy Plains]]
  • [[|Kazordoon Minotaurs]]
  • [[|Forbidden Lands]]
  • [[|Malada]]
  • [[|Amazon Camp (Venore)]]
  • [[|Laguna Islands]]
  • [[|Ragnir]]
  • [[|Hero Cave/Star Room]]
  • [[|Venore Orc Cave]]
  • [[|Lost Mines]]
  • [[|Kendram Benson's Grave]]
  • [[|Shadowthorn]]
  • [[|Tiquanda/Tarantula Caves]]
  • [[|Mistrock]]
  • [[|Isle of the Mists]]
  • [[|Edron Troll-Goblin Peninsula]]
  • [[|Farmine Mines]]
  • [[|Krimhorn]]
  • [[|Drefia Grim Reaper Dungeons]]
  • [[|Edron Earth Elemental Cave]]
  • [[|Frozen Trench]]
  • [[|Ghostship]]
  • [[|Ghoul Hill]]
  • [[|Hydra Mountain]]
  • [[|Dragonblaze Peaks]]
  • [[|Lich Hell]]
  • [[|Magician Quarter/Marid Territory]]
  • [[|Gnarlhound Caves]]
  • [[|Ferumbras Citadel]]
  • [[|Nargor]]
  • [[|Shadow Caves]]
  • [[|Rookgaard Bear Cave]]
  • [[|Druid Room]]
  • [[|Energy Sphere]]
  • [[|Fire Sphere]]
  • Amazon Camp (Carlin)
  • [[|Ice Sphere]]
  • [[|Jotunar]]
  • [[|Vengoth]]
  • [[|Razachai]]
  • [[|Zonas para Cazar]]
  • [[|Goroma]]
  • [[|Okolnir]]
  • [[|Ankrahmun Dragon Lairs]]
  • [[|Venore Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|Green Djinn Fortress]]
  • [[|Ashta'daramai]]
  • [[|PoH Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|Razzachai]]
  • [[|Banuta]]
  • [[|Fenrock]]
  • [[|Ab'Dendriel Elf Cave]]
  • [[|Cult Cave]]
  • [[|Cyclopolis]]
  • [[|Pits of Inferno]]
  • [[|Green Claw Swamp]]
  • [[|Beregar Mines]]
  • [[|Ferngrims Gate]]
  • [[|Calassa]]
  • [[|Elvenbane]]
  • Femor Hills
  • [[|Bittermor]]
  • [[|Barbarian Settlements]]
  • [[|Beregar/Bonelord Cave]]
  • [[|Elves Foreign Quarter]]
  • [[|Chazorai]]
  • [[|Chor]]
  • [[|Darashia Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|Darashia Rotworm Caves]]
  • [[|Corruption Hole]]
  • [[|Cyclops Camp]]
  • [[|Deeper Catacombs]]
  • Demona
  • [[|Desert Dungeon]]
  • [[|Draconia]]
  • [[|Darashia Wyrm Hill]]
  • [[|Dark Cathedral]]
  • [[|Sunken Quarter]]
  • [[|Swamp Troll Cave]]
  • [[|Talahu]]
  • [[|Thais Bat Dungeon]]
  • [[|Thais Sewers]]
  • [[|Thais Troll Cave]]
  • [[|Thais Dragon Lair]]
  • [[|The Cave]]
  • [[|Tiquanda/Bandit Caves]]
  • [[|Tyrsung]]
  • [[|Vandura Mountain]]
  • [[|Treasure Island]]
  • [[|Triangle Tower]]
  • [[|Ulderek's Rock]]
  • [[|Vandura Rotworm Cave]]
  • [[|Tiquanda/Water Elemental Cave]]
  • [[|Trade Quarter]]
  • [[|Vampire Hell]]
  • [[|Zao Orc Land]]
  • [[|Zao Palace]]
  • [[|Zao Steppe]]
  • [[|Zao Terramite Caves]]
  • [[|Zzaion]]
  • [[|Arena and Zoo Quarter]]
  • [[|Alchemist Quarter]]
  • [[|Zao Wailing Widow Cave]]
  • [[|Alatar Lake]]
  • [[|Ab'Dendriel Slimes Cave]]
  • [[|Larva Caves]]
  • [[|Black Knight's Villa]]
  • [[|Arito's Task Quest]]
  • [[|Nomads Land Quest]]
  • [[|Adorned UH Rune Quest]]
  • [[|Alawar's Vault Quest]]
  • [[|An Interest In Botany Quest]]
  • [[|Barbarian Axe Quest]]
  • [[|Barbarian Test Quest]]
  • [[|Berserk Potion Quest]]
  • [[|Berserker Treasure Quest]]
  • [[|Blood Herb Quest]]
  • [[|Braindeath Quest]]
  • [[|Bullseye Potion Quest]]
  • [[|Darashia Dragon Quest]]
  • [[|Dark Armor Quest]]
  • [[|Dark Helmet Quest]]
  • [[|Dead Archer Quest]]
  • [[|Devil Helmet Quest]]
  • [[|Double Hero Quest]]
  • [[|Draconia Quest]]
  • [[|Dragon Tower Quest]]
  • [[|Eleonore Quest]]
  • [[|Elephant Tusk Quest]]
  • [[|Elvenbane Quest]]
  • [[|Emperor's Cookies Quest]]
  • Fanfare Quest
  • [[|Fishing Box Quest]]
  • [[|Formorgar Mine Hoist Quest]]
  • [[|Formorgar Mine Quest]]
  • [[|Geomancer Quest]]
  • [[|Ghoul Room Quest]]
  • [[|Giant Smithhammer Quest]]
  • Griffin Shield Quest
  • [[|Hot Cuisine Quest]]
  • [[|Hydra Egg Quest]]
  • [[|Into The Bone Pit Quest]]
  • [[|Inukaya Quest]]
  • [[|Iron Hammer Quest]]
  • [[|Iron Helmet Quest]]
  • [[|Isle of the Mists Quest]]
  • [[|Life Ring Quest]]
  • [[|Lion Trophy Quest]]
  • [[|Longsword Quest]]
  • [[|Machinery of War Quest]]
  • [[|Mastermind Potion Quest]]
  • [[|Meriana Quest]]
  • [[|Mintwallin Cyclops Quest]]
  • [[|Orc Fortress Quest]]
  • [[|Orc Shaman Quest]]
  • [[|Ornamented Shield Quest]]
  • [[|Panpipe Quest]]
  • [[|Parchment Room Quest]]
  • [[|Poison Daggers Quest]]
  • [[|Power Bolts Quest]]
  • [[|Power Ring Quest]]
  • [[|Purple Tome Quest]]
  • [[|Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest]]
  • [[|Ring Quest]]
  • [[|Sam's Old Backpack Quest]]
  • [[|Scale Armor Quest]]
  • [[|Sea of Light Quest]]
  • [[|Serpentine Tower Quest]]
  • [[|Shaman Treasure Quest]]
  • [[|Silver Brooch Quest]]
  • [[|Six Rubies Quest]]
  • [[|Skeleton Decoration Quest]]
  • [[|Skull of Ratha Quest]]
  • [[|Spike Sword Quest]]
  • [[|Thais Lighthouse Quest]]
  • The Blessed Stake Quest
  • The Thieves Guild Quest
  • [[|The Ultimate Booze Quest]]
  • The White Raven Monastery Quest
  • [[|Throwing Star Quest]]
  • [[|Tomes of Knowledge Quest]]
  • [[|Top of the City Quest]]
  • Tower Defence Quest
  • [[|Treasure Hunt Quest]]
  • [[|Treasure Island Quest]]
  • [[|Triangle Tower Quest]]
  • [[|Troll Cave Quest]]
  • [[|Troll Sabotage Quest]]
  • [[|VoodooMaster Quest]]
  • [[|Voodoo Doll Quest]]
  • [[|Waterfall Quest]]
  • [[|Waterskin of Mead Quest]]
  • [[|Wedding Ring Quest/Spoiler]]
  • [[|Battle Axe Quest]]
  • [[|Frost Dragon Quest]]
  • [[|Mad Mage Room Quest]]
  • [[|The Desert Dungeon Quest]]
  • [[|Medusa Shield Quest]]
  • [[|Barbarian Arena Quest]]
  • [[|Nobleman Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Summoner Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|The Ancient Tombs Quest]]
  • [[|Wizard Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Oriental Outfits Quest]]
  • Warrior Outfits Quest
  • [[|Rise of Devovorga]]
  • [[|The Pits of Inferno Quest]]
  • [[|Fire Axe Quest]]
  • [[|Explorer Brooch Quest]]
  • Secret Service Quest
  • [[|Wedding Ring Quest]]
  • [[|Shadows of Yalahar Quest]]
  • [[|An Uneasy Alliance Quest]]
  • [[|Steal From Thieves Quest]]
  • [[|Strong Potions Quest]]
  • [[|The Hidden City of Beregar Quest]]
  • [[|The Outlaw Camp Quest]]
  • [[|The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest]]
  • [[|Stealth Ring Quest]]
  • [[|Steel Helmet Quest]]
  • [[|The Isle of Evil Quest]]
  • [[|The Queen of the Banshees Quest]]
  • [[|The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest]]
  • [[|Time Ring Quest]]
  • [[|The Postman Missions Quest]]
  • [[|The Shattered Isles Quest]]
  • [[|Gamel Quest]]
  • [[|The Sweaty Cyclops Quest]]
  • [[|To Appease the Mighty Quest]]
  • [[|To Blind the Enemy Quest]]
  • [[|Mage Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Obsidian Knife Quest]]
  • [[|The Mermaid Marina Quest]]
  • [[|Exchange Quests]]
  • [[|Citizen Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Druid Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Hunter Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Beggar Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Knight Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Norseman Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Brotherhood Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Nightmare Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Wayfarer Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Shaman Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Warmaster Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Pirate Outfits Quest]]
  • [[|Unnatural Selection Quest]]
  • [[|Vampire Hunter Quest]]
  • [[|Vampire Shield Quest]]
  • [[|Edron Goblin Quest]]
  • [[|Kissing a Pig Quest]]
  • [[|Koshei The Deathless Quest]]
  • [[|Naginata Quest]]
  • [[|Noble Armor Quest]]
  • [[|The Annihilator Quest]]
  • [[|The Ape City Quest]]
  • [[|The Djinn War - Marid Faction]]
  • The Exterminator Quest
  • [[|The Demon Oak Quest]]
  • [[|The Elemental Spheres Quest]]
  • [[|The Explorer Society Quest]]
  • [[|The Paradox Tower Quest]]
  • [[|White Pearl Quest]]
  • [[|Blood Brothers Quest]]
  • [[|Demon Helmet Quest]]
  • [[|Against the Spider Cult Quest]]
  • [[|Dreamer's Challenge Quest]]
  • [[|Children of the Revolution Quest]]
  • [[|Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest]]
  • The Travelling Trader Quest
  • What a foolish Quest
  • [[|Wrath of the Emperor Quest]]
  • [[|In Service of Yalahar Quest]]
  • [[|The New Frontier Quest]]
  • [[|The Ice Islands Quest]]
  • [[|Killing in the Name of... Quest]]
  • [[|Crusader Helmet Quest]]
  • [[|The Djinn War - Efreet Faction]]
  • [[|Deeper Fibula Quest]]
  • [[|Kazordoon NPCs]]
  • [[|Kazordoon]]
  • [[|Crystal Wand Quest]]
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See also: Geography.

Carlin es una ciudad comandada por una mujer, localizado al nor-oeste de tibia. Comandada por la Reina Eloise (Queen Eloise), la ciudad esta en constantes rivalidades con Thais (comandado por King Tibianus) La ciudad cuenta con el castillo de Queen Eloise's en la Central Street, un templo (Church), currently run by Tibra, a number of Shops conveniently placed by the 3-story Depot, outdoor Chess and Mill boards, a lake south-east of the depot, and especially the biggest house available at present, Lonely Sea Side Hostel. There are also a few landmarks of note for tourists: A graveyard to the east, Ghostlands to the west, the Fields of Glory, Femor Hills and of course Northport. The Ice Islands Folda, Senja, and Vega may also be worth visiting while here, one can typically be rowed there due to the weak currents. Nielson has taken it up to himself to offer ferry services to take adventurers there.

Carlin's sewers are under a seemingly indefinite plague of Bugs and Spiders, the City's citizens do not pay attention to them and consider them minority in comparison to the threat of the surrounding wildlife. However, the most significant threat the residents of Carlin face is by far the Player Killers.

Carlin is located near the north-western corner of Tibia, south-west of Northport, west of Femor Hills and Ab'Dendriel. Can be seen here.


Carlin NPCs (38 NPCs)

Name Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
A Fluffy Squirrel A Fluffy Squirrel.gif Acornbuyer yes Above Carlin, just north of the Carlin Graveyard, here.
Alia Alia.gif Healer no Carlin Temple on Theater Avenue, (here).
Bambi Bonecrusher Bambi Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin, north gate on Central Street, (here).
Barbara Barbara.gif Guard no Carlin Castle on Central Street, (here).
Blossom Bonecrusher Blossom Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin, east gate, on Theater Avenue, here.
Bunny Bonecrusher Bunny Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin Castle on Central Street, 2nd floor above where Queen Eloise is, here.
Busty Bonecrusher Busty Bonecrusher.gif Guard no Carlin on Theater Avenue, west gate, (here).
Captain Greyhound Captain Greyhound.gif Ship Captain no The boat at Carlin on Harbour Lane, (here).
Cerdras Cerdras.gif Druid no Carlin Druid's Guild on Magician's Alley.
Cornelia Cornelia.gif Armor Shopkeeper yes Carlin on Central Plaza, south of the depot (here).
Dalbrect Dalbrect.gif Ship Captain no The port north and west of Carlin, here
Dane Dane.gif Food Shopkeeper yes Carlin on Sea Lane, here.
Emma Emma.gif Head of the CGB no Carlin, near the east gate above the prison on Theater Avenue, here.
Eva Eva.gif Banker no Next to Carlin Depot at Park Lane and Theater Avenue, (here)
Fenbala Fenbala.gif Guard no Carlin Castle on Central Street, (here).
Florentine Florentine.gif Flower Shopkeeper yes Carlin, between boat and temple, on Harbour Lane and Theater Avenue, (here)
Guide Alexena Guide Alexena.gif Guide no The dock of Carlin on Harbour Lane, here.
Imalas Imalas.gif Food Shopkeeper yes Carlin in the Central Plaza, south of the Depot.
Karl Karl.gif Food Shopkeeper yes Carlin sewers, here.
Lea Lea.gif Sorcerer yes Carlin Magic Shop, upstairs, on Magician's Alley and Harbour Lane, (here).
Lector Lector.gif Food Shopkeeper yes Carlin, south-east of Depot on Theater Avenue, Here.
Legola Legola.gif Paladin Guild Leader yes Near west gate of Carlin on Theater Avenue, (here)
Liane Liane.gif Postman yes Carlin Depot at Central Street and Theater Avenue, (here)
Nielson Nielson.gif Ferryman no North-west of Carlin (here).
Nydala Nydala.gif Furniture Shopkeeper yes Carlin on Sea Lane, (here).
Padreia Padreia.gif Druid Guild Leader yes Carlin Druid Guild on Magician's Alley, (here).
Perac Perac.gif Fletcher yes Near west gate of Carlin on Theater Avenue, (here).
Percybald Percybald.gif Actor no Carlin on Theater Avenue, (here)
Phillip Phillip.gif Teacher no North-east of Carlin, on Northern Street, (here).
Queen Eloise Queen Eloise.gif Queen yes Carlin Castle on Central Street, (here)
Rachel Rachel.gif Magic Shopkeeper yes Carlin Magic Shop, on Magician's Alley and Harbour Lane, here.
Rowenna Rowenna.gif Weapon Shopkeeper yes Carlin, South of the Depot on Theater Avenue, here.
Sarina Sarina.gif Equipment Shopkeeper yes Carlin on Central Plaza, south of depot (here).
Shauna Shauna.gif Guard no East Carlin, in the prison on Theater Avenue, (here).
Tibra Tibra.gif Priestess no Carlin Library just west of Depot (here).
Toothless Tim Toothless Tim.gif Unknown Occupation no Carlin sewers, here.
Trisha Trisha.gif Knight Guild Leader yes Near the north gate in Carlin on Central Street, (here).
William William.gif Unknown Occupation no Carlin sewers, here


Carlin sewers

NameTrans.gif Exp HP sum/conLoot
Bug Bug.gif 18 29 250/250 0-6 gp, 0-3 Cherries (semi-rare).
Poison Spider Poison Spider.gif 22 26 270/270 0-4 gp, Poison Spider Shell (rare).
Spider Spider.gif 12 20 210/210 0-5 gp, Spider Fangs (rare).
Bat Bat.gif 10 30 250/250 Bat Wing (rare).
Rotworm Rotworm.gif 40 65 --/305 0-17 gp, Ham, Meat, Lump of Dirt, Mace (semi-rare), Sword (semi-rare), 0-3 Worms (semi-rare).
Slime (Creature) Slime (Creature).gif 160 150 --/-- Nothing (turns into a pool of slime).

Note: Rotworms and Slimes are only in the deep caves, there are not many of them.


Carlin Quests

Name Level Prem Location Reward
The Queen of the Banshees Quest 60 no Isle of the Kings underground and Ghostland Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, Tower Shield, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet and 100 Platinum Coins (10K)
The White Raven Monastery Quest 0 no Near Carlin, Ghostlands and the Isle of the Kings Blessed Ankh, Family Brooch, access to the Isle of the Kings
Crystal Wand Quest 60 no Demona Warlock area. Sudden Death Rune with 6 charges and a Crystal Wand.
Fanfare Quest 0 no Carlin Graveyard Fanfare
Griffin Shield Quest 30 no Gates of Demona, deep inside the Maze of Lost Souls, Near Carlin and Ab'Dendriel Griffin Shield, Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance
The Explorer Society Quest 0 yes Begins in Port Hope or Northport, but requires travel throughout Tibia. Ice Pick, Spectral Stone, 6 Orichalcum Pearls, 1 Crown Backpack, 50 platinum coins. You can use the teleporters between Port Hope and Northport, and between Liberty Bay and Svargrond which works having an Orichalcum Pearl. You have the ability to travel to Calassa and the Frozen Trench, and hunt underwater. You can buy an Atlas and Crown Backpacks.

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