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One of the two islands north of Fibula and west of Thais (here). It is said that the inhabitants have been killed by a Giant Spider that came to the surface.

The island used to be accessible through a dead tree in the northeast most corner of the rotworm wing of the Fibula Dungeon. What you would find on the island is a Giant Spider and a house. At that time there was only one island where there's two these days.

Nowadays the building and the giant spider are removed from the island and it's inaccessible by normal players (you can only teleport there)[1].

The name Calcanea comes, like many names in Tibia, from a bone. A calcanea is a bone inside your feet.

  1. Ogrey's post "The island still exists. You can walk on it if you manage to get there (teleport etc.). But there's no content left on it: no house, no giant spider. So basically it is erased from the players' shared game experience, for whatever reason." (by Ogrey on October 1, 2010)
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