There are many books in Tibia. Their content range all from just a title, to clues for quests, to full length stories spawning more than just one book. You can usually find books in libraries in towns, but sometimes also near ruins of old houses, in dead trees or barrels out in the wilderness. These do often have a clue for a quest or how to find a place, item or key.

There is also a type of book that is magical. They are called spellbooks. The magic thing about them is that their content changes depending on who is reading it. The content always tells which spells the person reading it knows and some information about them.

Some types of empty books that you can write in can be bought in shops, others can only be found as loot from certain creatures. Note that some writeable items are not books (see Documents and Papers).


Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Almanac of Magic Archivo:Almanac Of Magic.gif
Needed in The New Frontier Quest
55.55 None
Big Blue Demona Book Big Blue Demona Book
13.00 None.
Black Book Black Book
Blue Book Blue Book
13.00 Blue Djinn.
Blue Tome Blue Tome
19.00 Ghazbaran
Botany Almanach Botany Almanach
15.00 None.
Brown Book Brown Book
13.00 None
Brown Square Book Brown Square Book
13.00 None.
Brown Thin Book Brown Thin Book
13.00 None.
Cookbook Cookbook
Not Readable
15.00 None
Fat Green Book Fat Green Book
13.00 None
Gemmed Book Gemmed Book
13.00 Dragon Lord, Demodras, Wyvern, Frost Dragon.
Green Book Green Book
13.00 Green Djinn.
Green Tome Green Tome
19.00 None
Grey Small Book Grey Small Book
13.00 Orc Shaman, Barbarian Brutetamer, Barbaria
Grey Tome Grey Tome
Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book
Writable (appears when looked).
78.00 None.
Holy Tible The Holy Tible
13.00 None
Jean Pierre's Cookbook I Jean Pierre's Cookbook I
15.00 None.
Jean Pierre's Cookbook II Jean Pierre's Cookbook II
15.00 None.
Nature Magic Spellbook Nature Magic Spellbook
Not readable.
58.00 None.
Orange Book Orange Book
13.00 Ghost, Novice of the Cult, Priestess, Acolyte of the Cult, Adept of the Cult
Purple Tome Purple Tome
19.00 Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth
Red Square Book Red Square Book
13.00 None
Red Tome Red Tome
19.00 Warlock, Infernalist, Ferumbras, Morgaroth.
Spellbook (Alternative) Spellbook (Alternative)
readable, not writable
58.00 None.
Spellbook of Dragha Spellbook of Dragha
Not Readable
58.00 None.
The Witches' Grimoire The Witches' Grimoire
Not readable.
13.00 None.
Tibiacity Encyclopedia Tibiacity Encyclopedia
Reacts when used.
13.37 None.
Tome Archivo:.gif
Tome of Knowledge Tome of Knowledge
Not Readable
15.00 None.
Unholy Book Unholy Book
not writable
13.00 Ushuriel.
Your Student Book Your Student Book
9.00 None.
Model Ship
Objetos en Tibia

Body Equipment
Golden Helmet
Golden Armor
Armaduras Escudos
Blessed Shield
Golden Legs
Pantalones Libros de Hechizos
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Golden Boots
Solar Axe
Hachas Armas de Distancia
Royal Crossbow
Dark Trinity Mace
Mazos Espadas
Magic Longsword
Wand of Voodoo
Wands Rods
Underworld Rod
Infernal Bolt
Municiones Wands Viejas
Wooden Wand
Herramientas y otros accesorios
Amulet of Loss
Amuletos y Collares Anillos
Death Ring
Golden Key
Llaves Luces
Skull Candle
Obsidian Knife
Objetos para Casas
The Witches' Grimoire
Libros Contenedores
Backpack of Holding
Champion's Cup
Premios de Concursos Decoración
Bat Decoration
Golden Newspaper
Documentos y Papeles Muñecos y Osos
Panda Teddy
Red Cushioned Chair
Muebles Herramientas de Cocina
Rolling Pin
Instrumentos Musicales Trofeos
Demon Trophy
Plantas, Productos de Criaturas, Comida y Líquidos
Morgaroth's Heart
Productos de Criaturas Comida
Dragon Ham
Ultimate Health Potion
Líquidos Plantas y Hierbas
Otros Objetos
Ferumbras' Hat
Ropa Accesorios Objetos Encantados
Enchanted Chicken Wing
Objetos de Juegos Objetos Mágicos
Demonic Essence
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron
Metales Objetos de Fiesta
Party Hat
Burning Heart
Objetos de Quest Basura
Broken Flask
Ultimate Healing Rune
Runas Objetos Valiosos
Holy Scarab
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