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Also known as: Witchesbroom Quest
Reward: Blood Herb/ Witchesbroom
Location: Greenclaw Swamp, Near Venore
Level required: 0
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Giant Spider, weaker poisonous creatures
Legend: Wyda the witch talks about the usefulness of this herb. It grows near dead trees, perhaps you should try the dead tree not far from her house?
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Required Equipment


  • From Venore head west or from any other city go toward Venore.
  • Starting from this hole and go down. There will be some rotworms along this path.
    Archivo:Blood Herb1.gif
  • Go this next hole and up the first one you come to.
  • Now keep going to the end of this cave. Go up the second to last hole.
  • You are now at Wyda's house. There is a coffin by the ladder. Open this to get the key to her house.
  • Go upstairs and follow the path around to the east.
    Archivo:Blood Herb2.gif
  • BEWARE on the bridge of this path. The nearby Witches can shoot Fire Fields etc at you.
  • Quickly go down the end ladder. You will need to cut some long grasses with your Machete or Heavy Machete. You may have to kill some Wasp(s) and a Skeleton here.
  • Walk over to the hole to your right and go down, you will need to use the Shovel. There is a Poison Spider in this tunnel.
  • Go up the end ramp and face the single Giant Spider!
  • Open the tree by the water to recieve the Blood Herb.

Archivo:To mummies jpg.JPG Archivo:Up to wyda.JPG Archivo:Underground tunnel to gs.JPG Archivo:Up to get to gs.JPG Archivo:Bloodherb tree.JPG

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