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Since knights can't use the rune production as a moneymaker, some of them (and in less number also some paladins) use their high defense skills to gain money by helping low levels to kill strong monsters such as Giant Spiders or Dragons, and especially Hydras and Demons.

To do that, a blocker will try to be the first character the monster sees and try to keep it at a safe distance from the shooters. Meanwhile, the other players will shoot projectiles or runes to the creature. The blockers are one of the common roles of hunting parties.

Blockers will not often get paid in advance, but will rather take a large chunk of the loot (depending on the blocker himself)

If you can provide them the UH's you will probably get a lower price for their service.

Alternatively, many knights will pay for your supplies (bolts/spears, mfs etc), and in return you will get none of the loot.

Blocking techniques

Here follow some hints for beginner blockers.

  • Don't sell yourself too short.
  • Make sure you are between the shooter and the monster.
  • If you need to stand diagonal, stand diagonal.

Here follow some more advanced techniques for more experienced blockers.

  • Using single corridors is useful for blocking monsters that don't use beams
  • Monsters that use beams can be pinned down a little by using landmarks in the map (for example, two rocks diagonal to each other can be used to stop you having to dodge the beam)... but make sure the shooter is in the right place.
  • For monsters that don't use beams, always stand FACE TO FACE with the monster. Remember that if the shooter is at 45 degrees (diagonal) and you are at 90 degrees (face to face) monsters will VERY rarely swap... if you can trap them like this, even better.