Blind Orc PNJ Blind Orc
Ubicación: Hill North of town on Rookgaard, (here).
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: The Blind Orc was a great leader among his people who lived on this small island of Rookgaard. They thrived for much time until messages came that the warriors were needed across the sea for war. The stronger left quickly to the north of the Mainland continent to aid their friends against men.

The weaker orcs were left with some spearmen guards. When man came to the island some orcs were afraid but some power beyond them prevented them leave. The Blind Orc was fascinated with these "men" but he could not speak their language. Many visit him still today on his small mountain to buy his wares. He is the only seller of bows and arrows on Rookgaard (needless to buy if you are not planning to stay on Rookgaard), which he creates from small trees and the rabbits that wander by.

To be able to communicate and trade with him you need to be able to speak orcish (Orc Language). If you do not speak this tongue there might be some other people in the village that can teach you.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:
Sword 85 gp
Sabre 25 gp
Hatchet 85 gp
Short Sword 30 gp
Bow 400 gp
Arrows 30 gp per 10
Brass Shield 65 gp
Studded Armor 90 gp
Leather Armor 25 gp
Studded Helmet 60 gp
Compra: Nothing
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Getting to the Blind Orc:

Go down this hole Archivo:Blind orc1.JPG here. Then, head to the nearest hole. Archivo:Blind orc2.JPG

You will appear here. Now, just keep going on the only way. Careful, there is a Poison Spider and orc on the way. You also will need a Rope to get there.

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