Blesser NPCs

Name Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Edala Edala.gif Blesser yes Suntower near Ab'Dendriel (here).
Eremo Eremo.gif Blesser yes Eremo's Isle, es una pequeña isla entre Edron y Cormaya (aquí).
Henricus Henricus.gif Lord Inquisitioner yes Thais Jail, west of the south gate, on Harbour Street, down one floor here.
Humphrey Humphrey.gif Blesser yes Fields of Glory, north of Carlin, slightly east of the blue circle.
Kawill Kawill.gif Blesser yes South of the Kazordoon temple where Isimov lives, past the bats, here.
Norf Norf.gif Blesser yes White Flower Temple, south of Thais, here.
Pydar Pydar.gif Blesser yes North of Kazordoon temple, past the fire, here.
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