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Black Bert.gif PNJ Black Bert
Ubicación: Thais docks, second floor, to the right (here).
Ocupación: Black Marketeer
Notas: He sells items needed for some quests. If you happen to lose one of those items, you can buy a new at his shop. However, since his prices are pretty high, you should be careful about losing a quest item in the first place. Note that it is pointless to buy the item from Black Bert first, when you would get it from the quest NPC in your mission.

<spoiler> You need to complete The Thieves Guild Quest before you can trade with him. </spoiler>

Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Almanac of Magic 600 gp
Animal Fetish 10,000 gp
Baby Rotworm 600 gp
Bale of White Cloth 6,000 gp
Bill 8,000 gp
Blood Crystal 50,000 gp
Bloodkiss Flower 10,000 gp
Bundle of Rags 5,000 gp
Carrying Device 1,000 gp
Crumpled Piece of Paper 5,000 gp
Dark Essence 17,000 gp
Deep Crystal 13,000 gp
Elemental Crystal 8,000 gp
Exploding Cookie 100 gp
Fan Club Membership Card 10,000 gp
Filled Carrying Device 1,000 gp
Flask of Crown Polisher 700 gp
Flask of Extra Greasy Oil 1,000 gp
Flask of Poison 1,000 gp
Ghost Charm 20,000 gp
Ghost's Tear 50,000 gp
Giant Ape's Hair 24,000 gp
Goldfish Bowl (With Fish) 7,000 gp
Golem Blueprint 13,500 gp
Golem Head 25,000 gp
Headache Pill 350 gp
Helmet (Morik) 8,000 gp
Julius' Map 25,000 gp
Letter to Markwin 8,000 gp
Letterbag 8,000 gp
Machine Crate 8,500 gp
Mago Mechanic Core 13,000 gp
Map to the Unknown 650 gp
Nautical Map 5,250 gp
Old Power Core 13,000 gp
Plans for a Strange Device 1,000 gp
Present (Postman) 16,000 gp
Rare Crystal 1,000 gp
Shadow Orb 12,500 gp
Snake Destroyer 8,000 gp
Soul Contract 666 gp
Spectral Dress 15,000 gp
Stabilizer 12,500 gp
Strange Powder 5,000 gp
Striker's Favourite Pillow 16,000 gp
Tear of Daraman 16,000 gp
Technomancer Beard 5,000 gp
The Alchemist's Formulas 8,000 gp
The Dust of Arthei 40,000 gp
The Dust of Boreth 20,000 gp
The Dust of Lersatio 25,000 gp
The Dust of Marziel 30,000 gp
The Ring of the Count 10,000 gp
Toy Mouse 16,000 gp
Universal Tool 550 gp
Worm Queen Tooth 12,500 gp

Xodet's First Wand 5,000 gp
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