Billy PNJ Billy
Ubicación: Premium side of the mill in Rookgaard, here.
Ocupación: Food Shopkeeper
Notas: Billy, along with his brother Willie, runs the mill that spans the line between the free and premium sides of Rookgaard. Billy works on the premium side, buying and selling various foods.

He is known for his foul language. If you walk away from him without saying "bye", he will call you names when you are out of range.
Billy wants to make some of his famous stew, but he needs Rats and a Pan.

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You can trade a Pan, obtained in Goblin Temple Quest, for a Small Health Potion with him.

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Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Bread 3 gp
Cheese 5 gp
Ham 8 gp

Meat 5 gp

Bread 1 gp
Carrot 1 gp
Cheese 2 gp
Cherry 1 gp
Egg 1 gp
Fresh Dead Rat 2 gp
Ham 4 gp
Meat 2 gp

Salmon 2 gp
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