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Also known as: Helheim Quest
Reward: Berserk Potion, 200 gp, Shard, 3 Demonic Essence
Location: Deep in Helheim Near Svargrond
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Ghouls, Mummies, Demon Skeleton, Crypt Shamblers and Bone Beasts.
Legend: ...
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You need permission from Hjaern to travel to Helheim

Get to Helheim, go up in the stairs to the south-east, go down the hole, where you will find mummies and ghouls, follow to the extreme south and go downstairs, you will find Demon Skeletons, Crypt Shamblers and Mummies down here, go west until you find another staircase, go down, where you will find demon skeletons, Crypt Shamblers and a bone beast, now follow the line walking to the north to blue circle, there you might encounter up to 3 bonebeasts and a demon skeleton which are easily runnable, open the skeleton to find the reward.


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